Monday, June 4, 2012

GALS @ Japantag Düsseldorf 2012

OMG I just came home from an awseome weekend!!
I dont know where to start...I have so many things to talk about !!

Okay...I guess I start at the beginning /DD

A classmate of mine, her husband and me drove to the Japantag saturday morning. I had to wake up at 4am in the morning since we wanted to be there at 11 and we have to drive about 3 1/3 hours to get there. Soo I was doing my hair but I decided not to do my make up since otherwise I had to wear my lenses for almost 18 hours IMPOSSIBRUUUUU
So when we arrived at the trainstation in Düsseldorf at something before 12 pm Ive done my make up at the toilette LOL and because I fell asleep in the car my hair was gone... ,___,

We walked outside the trainstation where I  met Sasha, Jojo, Jessica and some friends of them. Sascha said Jelly would also be here and since we wanted to meet up anyway I started searching her.

After a few minutes I found her but her boyfriend and his father wanted to check something idk and so we had to wait for them for AGGEEES... it was like 3 pm when we finally could take purikura :D
Our first set was HORRIBLE. We both dont have any practice in it so it looked kinda weird.


We went outside and walked back to Jellys Hotel because she wanted to change her outfit. After that we got hungry and went to Burger King ^___^
Cathy, my classmate and Jan, her husband joined us again and we decided to go together to the Rheinwiesen, where the actual Japantag was. 
It was kinda late when we arrived there but me and Jelly wanted to do another set of purikura so we decided to go back IMMEDIATELY  lololol
When we arrived at the OCS weve seen Ari, Aiko, Kei and some friends of them. We queue jumped to them and joind their purikura !!

After that Jelly and I just stayed in the booth and did another set XDD
( we are such assholes.. )

Awww I love our Puris sooo much !! I had a great time with Jelly <3 <3

After decorating and stuff the whole group went on to the Rheinufer where we should finally meet the other Gals ^-^

I was sooo happy that a lot of great people came there and I could finally get to know some of them in real ^-^
I really enjoyed the whole time with them and we started to do some pictures.

This hasnt been the whole group ,__, f.e. Kei and Mia are missing o:
A shot with Maya ^-^

and one with Jojo and Jessica XD

After taking some pics we decided to move on to search Mona, Desii and Caro. Unfortunately we couldnt find them anywhere !!!! D:
When we didnt want to walk anymore we decided to take some more pics... they didnt turn out to be that good so we just made ugly shots on purpose XDD

Ugly german gals are ugly !! :D

These two are quite good imo!


And now to the best picture XDD
Randomly an old man came over to join us. Nobody of us noticed it !!! So when I checked the pictures next day on my camera I just couldnt stop laughing XDDD
Also please take a look at his woman :D :D Shes like "oh god I shouldnt have taken you with me"
SERIOUSLY this guy is awesome :D

After this "session" we walked back to sit down on a small mural to drink something and chat.  Time flew by so fast !!! It was already half past eleven when we started to go back to the Rheinufer to see the firework. We lost most of the others but the firework was still awesome.

And for those who werent with us... ARI AND KAZU ARE NOW ENGANGED OMG !!!!
He asked her during the firework ,____, Omg Im crying!!! 
I wish you all the best <3 <3

Cathy, Jan and me stayed at Riinas house so we could save money lol
I was so happy that the asked us if we want to stay at her place! Ari and Aiko als asked but unfortunately they live a bit too far away but.. asfgsh all of you are so nice !!
So we went back home to Riina when I noticed I forgot my camera in the cab... BAAAAAAAA BRAIN WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU????

We decided to check the Lost and Found Düsseldorf next day but before this we had an AWESOME breakfast.
Riinas boyfriend was also there and he left the house in the morning with these words " Ima get you some rolls (brötchen??)"
and he came back with WARM rolls, sandwhiches, milk, orang juice, nutella, butter and wtf EAT ALL THE THINGS.
He even asked if somebody wants scrumbled eggs ,____,
Nice persons are nice!

At some time we had to go home again or well... check the Lost and Found first. Luckily my camera was there Q_Q

so after like 4 hours we finally were home again.

I just cant thank you all enough for the great day and say I regret not living near ddorf ,__,
You are all great and its so much fun being around you!
I hope I can see you again and have the money/time to drive to ddorf  more often.

Sorry for this fucking long entry and the baaad quality puris. Jelly wanted to upload some in better quality but I couldnt wait LOL sorry.


  1. Wow! Love the pics! You look super pretty!
    It sounds like an amazing time! (*o*) <3

  2. Kiyaaahh es war sehr toll, dich endlich mal zu treffen! ♥ :3

  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah wo ist unser Küsschen Videoooo ?? : D



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