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Int. GYARU LOVERS Winter Meet 2013

Sorry that I havent blogged for so long. I have a lot to do with school atm and Im really working hard on saving money for japan next summer. I didnt even do something exciting to blog about. Well maybe that I have a boyfriend for 5 weeks now. Pics follow someday but we dont have any good ones now.. So yep I didnt even party for like a month. All I did was smoking shisha and hung around with friends. so blog posts like a d.i.a sales post and a sponsored circle lens review will follow soon!!

But lets go on to the actual topic of this post..

The Int. GYARU LOVERS Winter Meet 2013 

thanks to Twins Diadem for the lovely banner!

Okay I know I already blogged about that I do organize a gyaru winter meet up but I didnt say anything else about it and I guess youre starving for information :3

So first of all the main facts are that I already organized a winter meet up last year and people seemed to like it! I got some feedback ,weather its been positive or negative, from which I could learn and am now able to change some things. 

To be honest I didnt think that THAT many people want to come to this meet up so I now have to change my plans a bit and have to organize a little bit different. 
But I LOVE the idea that gyaru from all around the world come together to have fun, live the style and get to know each other better. 

Beside the fun a big hurry brings it also brings some rules with it. I know rules always sound annoying but let me explain to you why I think it is important to have some rules here.

a) First of all I guess that everybody wants to do purikura on this day, right? So what if lets say 60 people storm a very small anime store at the same time to do purikura in ONE puri booth...
let me just tell you it already took us 1 1/2 hours with only 15 people. I guess you get the point, right?

b) Also we just cant allow everybody to bring someone with them. Lets just do your maths! If only 50 people from "going" list on facebook come and everybody brings at least a friend we end up being 100 people with only half of it being gyaru... thats not the meaning of this meet up.
So we made up the rule that you are only allowed to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend with you if you travel alone and feel very lonely. (Or he/she is a good photographer then we could need them ^^)
For example: 
Gyaru A has a boyfriend but she travels with Gyaru B and C. = Gyaru A IS NOT allowed to bring her boyfriend. 
Gyaru D has a boyfriend but its her first time on a meet, she doesnt know anybody, feels a bit nervous and has no other gyaru to travel with her. = she IS allowed to bring her boyfriend.

c) Since it is me organizing this meet up I feel free to make up any rule I want and I guess a lot of people know that I just freaking hate lolita style. Its not the persons I hate its just their stupid ass outfits... I just cant describe how ugly I think this looks. I do hate a lot of other things and styles but in my opinion I HAVE TO make this clear here because Ive seen a lot of so called hime gyarus (no offense) who wore LOLITA brands on GYARU meet ups and I was like adsöalak. NO. If anyone happens to wear this I just feel free to not talk to you and wont let you sit with us and just segregate you as far as its possible. Call me mean but a gyaru meet up for me is a gyaru meet up and not a convention or any other shit. Hope you get my point.

d) This should be clear but since a lot of my haters arent that clever I guess I have to point this out again. People who bitchfought with me are not welcomed on my meet. Please dont ask "omg is it mee??" "omg I hope its not mee DDD:" Believe me, these people know they are meant. I can count them on one hand and please dont think Im mean because I exclude other gals just because I hate them. No. I exclude them because I dont hate for no reason and Im not alone with the desire to not have them on this meet because it would just cause unnecessary problems and all I want is this meet to be fun for everyone! 

This is why Sascha created a form for this meet up which I would like you to fill out if its 100% sure that you come. (Thank you again Sascha!)
It should be at least filled out at the 2 January so I will have enough time planing the last things and can reserve everything. After this date I will give you the final information you need. Dont worry I will say it early enough :)

TO THE FORM(<<< click it)

You can see that it wasnt me who created this form.. Sascha was so polite and everything :D
Here for example is my first idea which I showed him.

lol it sounds so typically Kitai. But I also like Saschas version xD

Important thing I have to say is that we changed the time for the meet up from 2pm to 1pm. The reason for this is that the purikura place is only open from 10am to 6pm. Its just that we will have more time :)
Further information will be in my next post about this meet after the 2 January when youve all filled out the form!

Any questions so far? Do you still need help finding a place to stay? Something else I could help you with? Feel free to ask me Ill do my best to help you!!


  1. That sounds really interesting but it's too bad that I don't live in Europe,so it's kidda impossible for me to attend this :(

    I like the way you set your rules tho,I know what you mean by gyaru not lolita XD
    If I were to organize some meet up,I'd set up such rules also :D

    1. ahaha Im happy you like my rules!!

      Where do you come from? I hope you can attend some day to such a meet up o:

  2. That is so cool :3 I wish I was able to get gyaru stuff here,in Serbia -.- It's impossible to do that here.Have a great time! <3

    1. aww thank you Im sure we will have fun! Ill be thinking of you o:
      I hope some day it will be possible for you ^0^



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