Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Stuff from Nuremburg ^__^

Yaaay thank god Ive got such a cute boyfriend !!
He went to Nuremburg with his class and bought some things for me :3

Strawberry Pockies, a bottle of sangaria and 2 foxtails *0*

He is sooooo cute that he thought of me !!
Storycheck: On HimeBerry meeting we went shopping but unfortunately somebody bought the last foxtail in this store before I could >.< Of course I want to have a fake one. A few months before I didnt care but later I saw a docu on tv and AHHH theyr treatin the animals so nasty !! and this in germany where we dont except this -.- stupid bastards. So I was searching for a fake one but in Würzburg they only sell realfur which is rly expensice also <.< Sooo..YAAAAAAAAY thank you honey

Renés 1st nd mine 2nd
His one is black and white and mine is more greyish.

Few days before my parents came home from switzerland and gave me this:

Uhhhh I love it !! Its handmade bathstuff and called mrs whippy :D
It smells sooooooo freakin good like a strawberrycake and it also looks like one *0*
it wasnt even expensive only 7CHF ^___^

Have a great day readers !!


  1. aww die sind voll hübsch!!!
    und ich kann das voll verstehen mit dem fake.. ich hatte ja nen echten und hab ihn dann verschenkt T___T;; und jetzt suche und suche und suche ich nach nem schönen fake ´__`

  2. Everyone always talks about lush here. I have never tried it. But it looks delicious

    Your boyfriend is sooo sweet!!! How thoughtful~

  3. ich suche auch wie bekloppt einen faux fur *grummel* aber hier gibt es sowas einfach nicht, aber selbst im internet ist das wirklich schwer zu finden



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