Sunday, March 13, 2011

carnival in switzerland

YES carnival.
Theyre still celebrating it here (:

Yesterday evening we went to a Guggemusik Party but there were too many ppl so we didnt came in..
however we went to the tent next to the guggemusik party and WHUUUUUUUUUUT freakin great music !!
We were dancing and some seconds later we recognized that nobody else was.. 

 they just drank their stupid alcohol and did nothing. However the music was great so my sister and I were the only one dancing :D
The djs gifted us cds haha. Later that evening some ppl started dancing too ^^

we went to winterthur for Fasnachts Umzug.
My family and I were so excited but unfotunately they through more confetti around then bonbons or...ya..playin great music or something. IF a group played a good carnival song I was the only one singing and shouting TOT

r they stupid or what...they werent even in disguise. except the little children <.<
sooooooooo the highlight of this day was when these ppl came tadatadaaaa

I didnt get it in time..
somebody of them grabed me and carried me to the rest of the group. when I get that I just saw my sister on the arm of another member and she was full of confetti !! They pulled up my shirt and blew confetti into it. Back and front. This was cold and wtf so much laughing all the time XDD

so fazit.. i think the swiss ppl are kinda lame <.<
i mean, they dont dance I even asked a girl quite next to me and she also complained about how uptight they all r no music no singing no dancing at a carnival ???????? r they kidding me ??
I rly think they just do carnival for the little children and..theyre all having a confetti fetish.
belive me.


Later we had some slushy icecream ^__^

and I found a pinky pie ballon *0*

whoop whoop. thats enough for this daaay.

Tomorrow morning we'll be driving back to germany again. möp möp.


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  1. LOL confetti fetish. Oh my.. wow no singing, dancing, music no nothing?! crazy.

    But thanks for the post though!!! LOL



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