Friday, March 18, 2011

Nailart check it outta

Tomorrow is LBM so I have to do my nails.



The left hand looks like this now

Ya lol.. only 3 good nails q.q
I rly dont know what I shall do with the other hand.. as u can see my 2 broken nails on the left hand are very very small. Its not as usual as on normal hands xD I bite my nails 17 years so.. ya they did never have a chance to grow /D so nail polish on it looks like a total mess <.<

But i LOOOOOOOOOVE my 3 long nails

Later Ill go into city and take a look if I buy plastic nails to put on my right hand.
Unfortunately the ones I found are ALWAYS too tiny <.< ya my nails are not only very small they are even too fat. wth is wrong with theem. hate you o.รณ

ah ya nother thing to tell

made by lovely caro :3

Its not a big meetup bc a lot of them are in cosplay or wtf xD
But if you have the chance to come.. pls COME www
no specific dresscode.

1 comment:

  1. Hi dear, saw your comment on my blog
    but not sure if you will check back at my reply, so here I am too (:

    Here's my reply:

    Hey dear, lovely blog you have!
    The only place I can think of that sells it is this china web market (something like china ebay) called taobao ( but it's all in chinese so >.<
    Unfortunately I just shipped a bunch of stuff from that site if not I can help you grab and send it to ya from Singapore here =/
    I should be buying again in mid - late april from that web so if you still need it by then, I can help you check out if anyone is selling it there and let you know the price of item and shipping from SG to your place (:

    Hope I helped, sorry because in Singapore it is really hard to get the stuffs too~




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