Saturday, March 12, 2011

UPDATE Switzerland

Yoooo since yesterday we are back in switzerland 
this time with my grandparents.
today we went on the mountain called säntis ^___^

theres still so much snow wtf. i dont wanna know how much there will be at winter :D

take a look.
my sister with my grandma <3

this is my mumi, sister and grandma with jacky ( dog ) ;b

soo whuuuuuut...we went to coop and guess what I saw ??

 idk how it tastes but ITS PINK so totally worth to buy it ^^

its unbelievable how many vodkaflavours there r available.
they got CARAMEL, BLUE, ICE GREEN TEA, PINK etcetc...

O_O in germany we only got black and red lol. how boring.

and whuu I found something tastes good
yay strawberry soda ^___^

great saturday evening !!!


  1. du musst mal die lila dose welch's probieren, absolut geil :) ich bin seit jaaahren süchtig danach :D

  2. Jaa ? Das war meine erste Welchs Dose und da steht zwar naturally flavour drauf aber es schmeckt sooo künstlich. Das liebe ich :D :D
    Muss mal sehen, woher hast du deine auch ausm lollipop ? Den gibts bei uns hier nämlich nich, da muss ich in ne andre Stadt ^__^ Danke für dne Tipp ! <3



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