Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Erbsmas

Just a quick shot from yesterdays party in a little neighbor village.

I wore my new top from black queen ^0^ I really like the cross chains hanging down !! <3
my hair went flat again because I clipped in new blonde extents..*sigh* you always have to curl them for like a week until they get as "damaged" as you want them to be so the curls will stay longer /D

aww barbie earrings sparkle .. :D


  1. Oh damn you D: You look like a Japanese gyaru queen! Unfortunately I cannot see the crosses and dangles of that top too well in that pic.
    May I ask where you buy your extensions? I find it bothersome to clip them in properly because to me it always feels like they will fall out easily (and they do slip out easily...). Sorry if this has already been asked ;<

  2. gorgeous! your hair doesn't look too flat to me! :) merry christmas!



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