Sunday, December 25, 2011

This was christmas

Yesterday we celebrated christmas just like everybody else did.
We dont own a real tree but thats not a problem even though I like the smell of a real one.

My mom had to work so we had dinner kinda late at 7 pm.
My dad cooked for us. We had lobster, shrimps, salad, bread, different kinds of dips and wild salmon.

My dad bought some champagn but for me it just tastes like some normal sparkling wine. My dad thinks we are philistines XD

Later we handed out our presents. I got so much nice stuff !!

my favourite hairspray Schmusekatze by Schwarzkopf.
Money for Rimini 
( my sister+her friends and me+my friend Linda want to spend our summer vacation in Rimini ^-^ )
Prada Candy perfume
3 different kinds of lashes *0*
a case for my make up with my name on it :3
barbie earrings and
sexy ass shoes :D

My shoes and my earrings

I also got some little presents from my grandma and grandpa.
They gave me a voucher for a massage hrrhrr, warm socks of course some chocolate and some money ^-^

My cousins and me gave them pictures of us. ( The grandchildren )
somehow they all ended up like this :D

tötööttö :D

yep..this was christmas.
This evening Im going on a Christmas party called Merry Ersbmas. ( because the village in which it takes part is called Erbshausen..get it?^^'' )
and tomorrow we are going to eat at our favourite restaurant...GUESS GUESS GUESS..
well okay not that difficult to guess :D restaurant hubland *3*

wish you all a great time.


  1. Die Schuhe *__________________* KITAI ICH HASSE DICH DAFÜR DIE SIND JA DER HAMMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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