Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Current Wishlist and ordered

These days I have nothing else to do than surfing through the internet and take a look at all the clothes, shoes and other stuff I want to have for christmas

First of all...of course SHOES !!

I want these leo wegdes so bad !!
I also wanted to have these over the knee boots because they are REALLY over the knee boots ( not that stuff what you get here " omg its soo overknee " ya..it just touched my knee and then stopped .__. )

Unfortunately they are sold out so Im thinking about these little babies <3

Im just wondering if they are over the knee ?? mmhh...

LASHES !! Another thing I want to have :3
I want to try these 3

I hate that Jewerich boxes include only 4 lashes ... but I want to give it a try.

Girls need bling ! This is why I want to have jewelry ;D

For the first time ever Id like to have a perfume !!
Actually Im not a fan of perfume but this one is pure love.
Prada Candy :3

Some make up brushes would be very nice, too !!
I just own four. Two are for  putting on powder, one is for blush and the other one is for foundation I think but Im using it for my eyemake up /DD
and last..I want to have a hometrainer again ,___________,
thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin thin

random pic

And now I show you what I ordered :3

ordered this in MOCA
omg awwww
and this one in grey !! *0*

I know I wont get everything so I called it my current wishlist instead of my christmas wishlist.
Its not that much but everything is expensive ,_,

what are your wishes for christmas ??


  1. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THE FIRST SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *__________________________* I'm watching lots of shoes recently on the internet too for chrismast... hehehe i wanna buy buy buy!!!!
    Where are these shoes from??? I really love it! and the last shirt from... where???? ♥♥♥♥
    thank you babe!!!^^

  2. How long do you want your over the knee boots? like the really long ones? I found some on ebay that I bought for like 12€ :'D they are OVER the knee but probably 2-3 cm shorter than on that pic with the japanese chic~ (I can recommend you one shop if you're looking for rather plain ones that are cheap - that you might be able to customize :D)

    I love that 'Black queen' online store! But I think that they stuff will always get into customs, right? T_T
    And now I want a home trainer too ;< But it's kind of a waste of money because you can do a lot of other things to lose weight...

  3. AAAAAAAALJKFSLDFSKDJHF!!! Want the first top you ordered!!!! *__________________*
    And all those shoes...!!
    Good luck in getting all!! ;)

  4. Awww thank you all !! <3

    @ Hito: Its from black queen !! And I found the shoes at a page called "lightinthebox"

    @ Alaska young: Oh yes I could check it out (: Im not sure..I never ordered before from black queen only other japanese shops. But clothes are always a bit risky ,_,

    I want a hometrainer AGAIN because my old one broke and I dont think its a waste of money because I lost a LOT of weight with my hometrainer. After it broke I tried to just continue my normal gymnastics and aerobic but it wasnt as usefull as before ): Of course I tried jogging but my boobs hurt ( LOL /D ) and I just dont think this is my sport. the hometrainer was just perfekt. I could watch TV while doing sports and I lost a lot of cm on my hips. Of course this is not all but it was the main part in my sports-dieting programm.

  5. Oh my friggin' fuckin' god!

    Die zweiten, dritten und die Lederoverknee-Schuhe sind absolute, pure, reine Liebe! *_________*
    Ich brauche auch wieder Schuhe... Unbedingt. Die kann man nie genug haben.

  6. OMG!
    I love ALL the shpes you posted!!!
    i wish i would have money to buy some of them .... :(
    hope you get some new stuff and you can post it here!!
    im excited :)



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