Friday, January 6, 2012

GREEN DAY // New pics of me

I cant stop starring at this pic /DDD
the hair is so perfect and everything *0*

Green Day have a new video !! Well, its not a music video but they did some model thing for John Varvatos. Ive never heard of him before but OMG CHECK OUT THE PROMOTION VIDEO ITS JUST PURE SEX 

Tré lost some weight it looks good =3= and Mike grew longer hair. and Billie...
Y IS NOBODY OF YOU AGING CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN ??? Billie turns 40 FOURTY !!!! in about  a month and he looks so hot. Theyre just getting hotter and hotter.. I think I have to take somebody ugly as my bf so he will look like this with 40 omg. 

I read so much hate on tumblr because of this commercial.. mainstream blabla..omg could you please stop ?? Everybody change and Green Day are still Green Day.  I think these people are just as stupid as the adrienne haters -.- Shes such a great woman and Billie and her are the cutest couple. 

But okay onto some new pics of me.... I make an appointment for the hair dresser ^0^ Im going to get rid of my hairline /DD and Ill get a new cut and a new colour. So excited ^___^

Im moving forward !! Now I put on some more make up but Im still not finished XD Next time Ill try my diamond lashes again just like in this pic...( AGES AGO hahaha. )

but now with lenseees. yeey.

somehow my lenses hurt when Im doing my make up ): is this normal ?? When Im putting on my lashes they nearly fall out DDD: 

okay...bye :D


  1. Greenday *¬*°°

    Das mit den Linsen... könnte an zu trocknen Augen liegen. Mach mal vor dem schminken noch ein paar Tropfen rein.
    Dann gehts vll besser :)

  2. uh ich freu mich schon auf deine neue frisur :) Bin mal gespannt ^^

    Hmm das mit den lenses ist komisch, geh sonst mal zum optiker und frag nach ob das normal is?? XD Ich bin mir sicher das is nich so wild ^^

  3. You could try putting the lenses in your eyes after you have finished putting on your makeup.
    I know that it is said that you should put it in before you do your makeup, but I never do and so far there have been no problems^^


  4. How long do you wear the lenses a day? You shouldn't do it for too long in the beginning.

    It's awkward that they hurt... they shouldn't. Maybe you're doing something wrong while putting them in - did an experienced contact lens wearer show you how to do it?
    Be careful, even though you look really nice with that make up~

  5. das letzte bild ist total schön, die linsen stehen dir voll ♥

    könnt auch einfach gewöhnunssache sein aber augentropfen schaden nie! :)

  6. I didnt even wear them too long. Just for taking these pics haha and it huurt. Böö maybe there was some dirt in it but I read a review about them in which it says they arent that comfortable so I guess its just the lenses.

  7. love ur last pic!! looking cool~^^ reminds me of avril lavigne XDXD



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