Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Kids Nitro

Today I went to the cinema with Linda !!
Shes my classmate and also my bf
I love watching New Kids on Comedy Central and since I heard their second movie is coming into german cinemas Linda and I HAD TO go there ^-^

We dressed up and we werent the only one who wore sweatpants and belt bag :D It was soooo funny. I never laughed so much in the cinema and everytime somebody of them said "HOMOOS" wie all roared..HOMOOOOOS hahaha it was so funny :D

This was my outfit LOL

the best of the best hahahaha some people even thought we dress up like this USUALLY :D
so this means we did a good job :D

small video for you...I think we should do this every weekend or just once a month. Like an asocial day hahaha :D ( do you have this word in other countries ? assi, asozial. Im not sure.. )


  1. ohhhhh KITAI wir lieben dich!!!! so luxeriös !!! habe das video jetz bestimmt 5 mal angeguckt :D ich find dein tanz vooooll gutttt ^___^

  2. nice pictures, (: liking the style !
    CMPang x

  3. AHAHAH, my brother read this post with me and we both at the same time cried out ''HOMOOOOOOOOOS'' as well! XDDD -LOLIRL-

    See now that I get the context of the pictures, your pics are hilarious!



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