Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last week in a nutshell / PICTUUUURRRRR heavy.

last week I celebrated my 19th birthday !!
wuuu...my grandma baked me an eggnog cake =3=

I also put in my new lenses.
Princess Mimi Chocolate 15mm 
I think it also suits me !! They match with my real colour :3
Oh and look what I forgot to show you !! My christmas present for Linda
Its a gingerbread heart with a picture of us *0* isnt this cute???

mhhh...look what Ive done to Linda this week /DD
Can you see the scratch on her nose ? We changed our macbooks and when I wanted to give her hers back..I hit it straight into her face ... BAHAHAHAHAHAAHA
I couldnt stop laughing but when I saw that she was even bleeding..I even laughed harder hahahaa
Im so sorry but it was just too funny :D

Sooo...now to the mainpart ...the activity of the week was to dye my hair..
It looked like this the last weeks but with a huuuuuge hairline and no extens matched with my hair so I had to do something..but which colour ??
At first I chose grey :3 I used silver from directions but it didnt turn out very well DD:

It turned out to be some bright haircolour with kind of purple, silver, blonde and brown in it...<.<

I didnt like the colour so I started another try !

ME WHILE DYING AGAIN...NYAHAHAHA love these glasses.

Sorry for the bad quality!!! At first I liked it very much!! Its a good colour for short hair ^-^

But when I put in my extens and curled them..I didnt like it anymore /DD
I dont know whhhyyy !!! Maybe I miss my blonde but blonde is so hard to dye !!!
You put on blonde haircolour and you dont know how it will turn out. I dont want it too dark and of course not too bright !! Its so difficult ): ): ): So I just threw brown colour on my hair because brown is like black...you put it on and it will be brown or black. Y NOT BLONDEEEE ._.

Also brown curled hair reminds me of Wolfgang Petry and I dont want to look like him BUHUHUHU
I just like straight brown hair ( why dont I think about BEFORE I dye my hair? <.< I LOVE BLONDE CURLS )

However...Partypic of me here. I cut it because it was like a huge hurricane meet up outside the capitol and rain was also invited ,0, and I dont want some STUPID people to believe even MORE STUPID anons that I dont wash my hair /D because on this pic it totally looked as if..XD

ahya...heres Woflang Petry if you dont know him..

oh and a supercool remix of one of his old songs..I heard it last year at the Fasenachts Umzug in Winterthur   ( Schwiiiiz )

okay...bye for now and leave me comments about my haircolour please ...IM SO UNSURE ABOUT !!!!
( Das ist Wahnsinn..THATS CRAZY WHY DO YOU SEND ME TO HELL now everybody...)


  1. ich würd eifnahcn anderes braund rber hauen
    syoss is einfach scheisse

  2. Ich finde die braunen Haare sehen auch mit Extensions gut aus ö.ö Weiß ja nun nicht wie's in real aussieht, aber soweit ichs beurteilen kann gefällt mir. Aber so'n paar Highlights, sprich blonde Strähnen wäre vielleicht echt ne gute Idee ^^
    (Wolfgang Petry hat ja zum Glück keine Strähnen XD)

  3. blonde strähnen blonde strähnen *fähnchen schwenk*

  4. I dunno I think brown hair looks very nice, that shade you have looks good too. Though when you're young, of course you want to always stand out and be blonde... besides, wow, you only got 19?! I sort of thought you were older, mostly because of the things you already did. Happy belated birthday!!

    And silver is always very hard to get! I used to have silver hair too but it rarely turned out even. Only once I was lucky because I bleached my hair quite hardcore before that. If you have uneven bleaching, don't put silver on top!

  5. Wow, you are so pretty!
    Happy birthday!!

  6. Ich finde das Braun steht dir echt gut :))
    Und alles Gute nachträglich :))

  7. ich finde das braune seht dir voll gut und ich finde ein leichtes make up steht dir auch total gut ^^ ach ja auch von mir alles gute nachträglich :)

  8. WAO !
    You're birthday is before mine in January? Aquarius?

  9. @All: Thank you so much !! Danke !! <3 Ich freu mich immer über Komplimente ^0^

    @Catze: Nooo Im Capricorn ! xD

    @リア: Thank you for the tip :3 But wuuu... yeah I only got 19 /D I want to do so much more things in my life !!



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