Friday, August 17, 2012

GAL Summer Meet 2nd Day

As I just said.. we had to stand up quite early because we needed to check out of the hotel at 12pm so the night was very short since checking out also means we had to be dressed gyaru and stuff at 12pm IMPOSSIBRRRUUUUU

So you can guess Jasmin and I were quite happy that Kate and Jasmin decided to stay one more night so we  had more time to dress up and do our make up and of course we could leave a mess behind and didnt need to pack and carry the stupid luggage through the city whoo!

Aww yeah.. the day after the party..XD

We meet at 2pm at the trainstation and then we headed over to ocs to take purikura but there was like a kpop meet or something with way too many people so we decided going eating first!
12 people were too many for getting a table spontaneously so we spend the 30 minutes we had to wait with lurking around in japanese book stores. I found foxyegg and egg which of course I had to buy! ^0^

I can really recommend foxyegg to you. Its a few cents more expensive than egg and rather tiny but I literally scanned every detail with my eyes XD It took me longer to "read" foxyegg than egg because I just liked EVERYTHING and looked at everything for so long.

Then we finally had FOOOOOOD.
Of course I ordered gyoza again ,___, so yummy yummy yummy yummy.
Oh and my own edamame awww healthy food is so yummmyyyy a maaa gaaaaad.

Snapshot of Aiko and Ari.

and aris hairdo omg you both make me jelly XD

Lisa, Mona and Kate while waiting for their food.
ma cuties  

So after this delicious meal we rolled walked back to the ocs to tak Purikura.
Unfortunately this time we were too many to fit in one puri but the pics turned out quite good, too ^0^

At first I took a puri with my Barbiesister ♥ We wanted to twin but it kinda failed because our hair colour doesnt match and you can hardly see our matching hairdoooo ,____,

I hope you will be able to see it better in the group pics!! 

Most of the time we did derp puris because we looked so ugly and when you do derp puris you can always say "but it was on purpose" lol

Okay here we just exaggerated a bit XD

Jasmin joined us later because she didnt feel very well and needed a couple hours of sleep 

Puri session without boobs?? Cant think of that guurl.
This time it wasnt me ;D

Okay Im sorry for ruining this puri guys. You all look so sweet and then theres me like...MERP.

Omg Riinaaa... Im so so so so so so so so so SO sad that we didnt speak that much this day ): I love you so much but I dont knoww.. My head was soo dizzy because of so many impressions and then there was the night before lol and I always had to think about getting my train on time and stuff and AHH I so regret that I wasnt really "there" on saturday ,_,

 blurrryy ....

Upsidedown puri whoooo!!

I think it looks like Caro but she wasnt even there on saturday.
But wait.. this is Ari isnt it? I AM LAUGHING SO HARD because I first saw us 5 girls and thought "awww  how cute we all are" and then theres like this creeper in the back and I didnt know at all who this could be XDDD Ariiiii I got you! :D

We took again some group pics before we all split up but Kyo hasnt send me those yet so I will just post them later the next days.

At like half past 8 our meet was over because everybody had to go to the train including Jasmin and Kyo. They took the same train and it bothered me a bit because I could have taken that train too but in the end I decided for another train since with this I could stay 1 h longer in Düsseldorf BUT arrive in Würzburg at the same time as I would have taken the train before. Like seriously why would I drive 4 hours instead of 3 hours voluntarily? xD

Soo at half past 9 I said goodbye to the last ones left. Ari, Lisa and Kate. Im so thankfull you ran to my train with me ,_, It was so typical for me that is was quarter past 8 when I left the hotel and 7 minutes later I had to catch my train.../DD Oh well...

In Frankfurt I had to change trains and when I sat down a woman behind me was phoning someone and said she would be in Nuremburg at 01:01 o clock.. I just remembered Jasmin complaining about how late she would arrive and I even thought it could be on the same time as the woman just said. So I send her a message asking where now she is saying if her train just stopped in Frankfurt then we could be in the same train :D

She phoned me and said "omg yes we are!!!" So I searched for her in the train and as I found her I sat down and we chatted a bit and read the foxyegg  together ^0^ Such an amazing surprise!!!
I really like Jasmin I had a great time with her! Next time we need to share a room together again ;D

This time I shared it with Lisa and Kate and baaa I love you ,_, I hope the 3 of you join me travelling to japan next year because I couldnt find any better room mates than you !! Ramona and Barbara were great too but they want to go to japan in hanami season and Jasmin, Kate, Lisa and I are planning going in august and omg please please please come with me!!!  

I cant thank enough for gaining so many new friends. Im sorry Im getting so emotional but seriously its so amazing how many great people I got to know through gyaru and I just get to know more and more people!!! I love how we improve together and share the same interest and help each other and you all just become such good friends to me. Im not really a person who has a lot of friends or likes too many people. "outside the gyaru world" I only have like 2 friends lol so I am really touched that so many girls like me and I like them back and just aaiojhaoöiadh friends are so good ,____, ♥♥♥

Okay enough emotional blabla which you may havent read anyways soo..
My favourite puri to end this post !!



  1. in euren herzen bin ich dabei xD!!!!!

    das letzte is geil ich steh voll drauf wie man lisas wimpern sieht xD

  2. Weei you are all so pretty!!

  3. kitaiii ... I love you too!!! :D
    also wenn du in der ferienzeit nach japan fliegst dann bin ich 100%ig dabei!!!! ♥
    des wär der hamma wenn wir 4 zusammen nach japan fliegen würden!!! :D



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