Saturday, August 4, 2012

GAL MEET Switzerland

buhuhuuu... first of all I want to apologize that I didnt blogged as much as I promised ._. I had to share a laptop with 3 other people so it was really impossible to blog. If youre a blogger you know why and if not.. you know, you have to edit all the pics then decide which pics youre going to upload in the post and which on FB and then write the actual post which takes time too etc etc...

SOOO I just arrived back in germany and I want to post about the GAL MEET we had on thursday. The other pics will follow the next days since I just arrived as I said and I have to go to work in about 2 hrs again fml.

On Thursday we took the train to Zürich to meet the swiss gals. Sadly my bestie Linda didnt want to join us so she went with my sister and her bf. 

At the beginning of the day I looked like this  
but then my curls went out buhuu ,___, I hate new extens xD

I met everybody for the first time in real but I was really happy when I noticed that everyone was absolutely nice and they even tried to speak german for me since Im still not able to understand everything XD
Only Lea couldnt speak german because shes from the french part of Switzerland but this wasnt a problem since we are all able to speak english ^0^

Elena and me!! Aww she was so cute and nice :3

At first we went to a bubble tea shop. It is SO different there. They didnt even have a shaking machine. They shaked the bubble tea with their hands and then the small stools XDD it looked really funny and it tasted so different even if I chose Blueberry milky tea which I drank a few times before in germany but well.. it was tasty too so I dont mind ;D

After this we decided to take "purikura" There is no Puri machine in the whole Switzerland!!!! What a pitty ,___,  But they have this one photo machine where you can take some kind of puris. But you cant chose a background and stuff. Everythings different in Switzerland :D

Soo... Im going to spam a bit here now because I think we nearly spent 2 hours there.

Me, Lea and Anie

Lea, Surya and me

AWW YEEE... lets take a break here from scrolling XD
Our little group had plans to go to the Zürich Lake but Lea had to take her train at 6pm and I had to meet my family then too so we had no time to go there ): Im a bit sad I couldnt see the Zürich Lake this time at all!! But well we had a great time so its not thaaaaaat bad ^^

aw yeah Eyebrowdevil... time ran up so fast I couldnt change it anymore!!! xD
At first I wanted to put the ears on my head but I dont know.. somehow they ended up being  there and just as I wanted to change the position of the ears the time ran up!!

Me, Melissa and Elena

Unfortunately I dont have the puris with Angela yet!! I hope she can upload them soon :3
 Im so curios ^0^

I had a really great time and enjoyed the whole day with you! I hope we can meet again maybe in germany?? We talked a bit about a meet up soo.. Im going to organize one in autum/winter announcing everything weeks and months before so everybody can check prices accommodations etc etc

But before talking about a future GAL MEET... lets share this with you ♥

ohhhh yeeah!! Its not going to be huge this time since I organized it quite late but Im happy Im going to see a lot of great gals again I love my girls so much ,_,
So if YOU want to come too.. JOIN US.( <<<< click the text!! ) Weather youre gyaru, gyaru-o or just interested in the fashion! We love to get to know new people even without invitation on facebook. If you didnt get invited it doesnt mean youre not welcome or not good enough. It only means I dont have you on my friendslist or I just forgot you. I DIDNT DO THIS ON PURPOSE xD

Okay I think this post is long enough now.. Thank you again for the great day even if it was quite short. Im glad I could meet you ^0^


  1. Oh sieht super witzig aus. <3 Ich würde auch gerne mal Gals aus anderen Ländern kennenlernen ^^

    &ich freu mich schon so auf das Meet, ich hoffe ich kann wenigstens 2-3 Stündchen bleiben. Das hängt davon ab, bis wann wir die Koffer in Köln abgeben können ;; <3
    Freu mich schon so auf dich :)

  2. Awh looks as if you guys had so much fun! :3
    My hair doesn't hold curls well either ;_; It sucks so much D:

  3. Thanks for this post! And for sharing your experiences as well. This will definitely be appreciated by many of your readers.

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