Monday, August 13, 2012

GAL Summer Meet 1st Day

On Friday I took the train to Düsseldorf because we had our GAL Summer Meet ^0^
This time I drove alone because Ramona was in Hamburg, Barbaras BF came over and Jasmin already took the train the day before. Anyways I met her at the hotel so we could get ready together for the meet (:

Jasmin and me 

Later Lisa and Kate joined so Jasmins room was like a mess XD
Everywhere on the floor were lashes and clothes and wigs.. since  we were too lazy to pack stuff we just left without cleaning the room sooo.. onto the trainstation!!

There we met Caro, Desii, Sui + friends, Amanda, Mia and Kyo
Kyo was also the one who brought and created the banner for the meet!! She did a great job and so did Milky because she designed the logo of the banner!! Thank you

We went to the OCS of course to take Purikura :D

Asti chan is our gyaru queen!!
 Look at her eyes.. she even has lashes!!!

Asti chan is the best hime I know <3 p="p">

Ebru, chill!!

After our Puri session we had to relax a bit and went to the Bubble Tea next door and shared our Purikuras. It was so much fun looking at them xD I really enjoyed Puri session.
Later we took some Pics of the group with our cute banner which is still in progress but still really cute ^0^

we cant help but loving derp faces !!!
However heres a cute one too (:

We took quite a lot pictures and time flew by so fast!! Everybody had to go but Amanda joined our little group because we wanted to party this night (:

Before heading back to the hotel for getting ready for the night we went to a small restaurant called Don. Its really cheap compared to Würzburg. They sell 12 Maki for 6 Euro lol wtf and they are delicious!!!
and omg I had the best fucking gyoza ever. Würzburg y u no have good gyoza????

I mean.. LOOK AT IT!!! I should really go to the restaurant here in town and order gyoza just to show you the fucking difference. 
 I think its a bit sad that the place is so small.. if we'll have a bigger meat up we wont be able to eat there ): 

After dinner we went back to our hotel but this time we decided to go in Lisas, Kates and my room because it was bigger so 5 girls could get ready for the night easily :D

Of course it was 11pm when we were finally finished redoing make up and started walking through the city.
Düsseldorf has a lot of bars and clubs in only one street. Its amazing when youre not used to it. I dont know such big things from würzburg. Its really like a partystreet xD

we started drinking cocktails 5,50 Euro each and the small ones even cheaper like WAT
Düsseldorf makes it so easy for you  to fall in love with the city XDD

I had a swimming pool at first ^0^

we sat there quite long like 2am because we also ordered a shisha and smoked 2 heads (lol can somebody tell me whats it in english please? XD Im curious because we say "smoking a head" ) so.. we smoked 2 times?^^

At 2am we searched for a club and entered 3 before we found a good one. I just dont like Rnb and stuff. Im more into electro. Sadly Lisa and Kate left but Jasmin, Amanda and I were ready to party!!!
At 4am we decided to leave the club because we were all sweaty from dancing and our eyes burned from the smoke of the cigarettes and we still wore lenses!! Yep yep in nrw you are allowed to smoke inside the clubs! My eyes arent used to this anymore XD

It took us over an hour to walk home because there were a lot of creepers on the streets o_o one guy asked us if we wanted to smoke a joint and I was like.. "go away??"
He followed us so we walked in a different direction than we had to because I was afraid he would find out where our hotel is but luckily he left after a few minutes.

Then there was this one turkish guy who walked behind us and was like 
"yo... yo!!! wait"
and I was like " noo. y the fuck. leave us alone"
and he said " no I wanna ask you something"
I said " I dont wanna be asked something!! "
he replied " not you.. the other girl.. I just wanna ask you something"
Jasmin " what do you want?"
and he said....












ASZwkjFX such a fucking jerk
We said if he wont leave us alone we would call our boyfriends and then  I called Lisa and said " hey baby Im in front of your house please come downstairs theres some turkish guy who threats us! Please come and beat him up" and so he left lol such a weener.

So I went to bed at like half past 6 and the day after was also a meet!!! Damn it was kinda hard to get up early but more of the 2nd day in the next entry!

I just leave you with some last Puris of us

Yes we all fit in the puri machine XDDD

I just recognized kyo behind the football in the corner LOL


  1. The purikuras looks so cute! : D I love everything!

    1. Thank you! Be prepared for the second day ;D

  2. omg... ich weiß des fei nimmer mit "wassup??" xDDD
    kann mich nur daran erinnern wie du lisa angerufen hast! xD

    1. doch ey ich schon weil ich das so ewig witzig fand. weisste ewig am rumdiskutieren er will was wissen und ich denk mir halt so boah was kann denn so wichtig/intressant sein jetz? vllt obsen freund hat oda wo wir her kommen oda was wir machen und dann er einfach so "...alles klar?" XDD

  3. Awh you all look wonderful! ^3^ Seems like you had a lot of fun! ^^

  4. okey, I hate you xD
    haha I also wanted to come but I was so far
    anyway u look sooooo cute,love your outfit*^*



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