Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation PART 1

Now I know why everybody calls italia bella italia and not only italia. It really is so damn beautiful! Ive never been to italy before but everything I expected from that country was true. Such beautiful landscape and the ocean...omg I havent been at the beach for 7 years and it was totally awesome to feel the comfy sand under my feet  

The only thing I wish was that I would have understood more than just "ciao, prego and grazie" XD I really felt so fucking dumb there! Fortunately I understood a little more because of my french and latin classes but italian is such a fast language ,__, Its like they dont want to waste time with speaking they rather do other stuff....xD

So okay why did I choose Italy, Rimini for holiday?
I didnt want to relax this time. This years holiday should have been a party holiday but for me party isnt only about alcohol and drinking the whole day/night. For me the music and dancing is most important. So since Ive been to spain before and sorry for that but spain has kinda like an image in my head I dont really like../D The fact bulgaria was about 100 euro more and Ive never been to italy and always wanted to go there ( just like so many other countries /D ) I decided for rimini !! And omg I regret NOTHING. It was totally worth it. 

Ive only been clubbing in germany and switzerland so I dont really have a comparing to other countries but DAMN italian djs understand what they are doing. The music is just so... can I dance 24 hrs please?

Okay lets end this love letter to italy.. lets talk about the 7 days I spend in rimini

First day
it took us 13 hrs by bus to italy with 2 hrs of sleep. do I have to say anything more than it was like even worse than my flight from tokyo via abu dhabi to frankfurt??? I guess not <.<
We arrived at 8 am but since our check in was at 3pm we decided to head over the beach. 

In the evening I had my first italian pizza ever with Linda and Isa. Isa is a friend of my sister but Isa turned 18 during the vacation so we 3 were kinda like the partybitch crew :D

However my italian pizza was delicious ,_,
even though I like pizza more when they arent that flat but I guess this is typical italian so I dont really care. It was tasty anyways xD

After dinner we had to buy ice cream. It wasnt much better than ice cream from "local italians" but also yummy ^0^

In the evening we went to a club called IXO but to be honest it wasnt really my thing. Linda and me rather spent our time next to the IXO club where a shot only cost 1 euro and a cocktail 5 xDD So we had quite fun anyways. We didnt want to stay that long because we still were totally exhausted from the bustrip but since our shuttle to the hotel was late we came home at like 4 -.- I WAS SO TIREEEEDD.

Second day
the next day we went to the beach again and just lay lazy in the sun. In the evening our hotel wanted to go to a disco called blow up but Linda and I didnt really want to go there and met a few boys from our hotel who shared that opinion so together we went to a bar called Shibuya. You know I just HAD TO go there even if people would have told me it was shit. Just because of the name xD

The cocktails were sooo good but quite expensive or let us say... normal. But if you are there try the coco loco. omg its so fucking good!! Oh and if you want to get drunk just say "strong" when you order something and your 3/4 cup will be only alcohol. Linda and I ordered 1/2 liter shibuya cocktail and it looked dangerous 
the green was like some peppermint vodka and the red one was some juice I think. Im not really sure about that but its good for a hangover /DD

After shibuya we went to another bar called copa but I dont really know any details of this..only that Linda always wanted some italian boys and I was just like..eww italians XDD 

Since some of the boys were under 18 we had to be back at the hotel at midnight but we arrived at 1am and the night guard was hella pissed. We just said that we dont know them lol omg we are such good friends.

So I think I have to split this post into several parts because I have so many pictures and Im writing so much.. sorry for that but I just want to keep every memory of this vacation ♥

Next posts will be about venice, a boattrip and of course party party party and even more party.


  1. Das klingt so schön *A*
    Ich wäre auch auf jeden Fall in Shibuya gegangen.. hallo, der Name spricht für sich xD

  2. Nen Coco Loco hab ich auch vor 2Wochen auf Malle getrunken, der is genial! warum gibts den hier zulande nirgends?? ;v;

  3. I want that drink. I'll just sleep through the hangover lol



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