Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation Part 4

Finally I start with this again. I dont really have motivation to post about past events but the feeling of not wanting something left behind incomplete is stronger XD

Soo starting with 

This day was a friday and Linda and I planned a kinda lazy day since we didnt want to go to the Aquapark like my sister and her friends. We slept kinda long and then went to the beach. On the beach I fell asleep in the sun and woke up with a weird feeling and headaches ,___, Linda has been in the ocean but I wanted to go because I just cant handle too much sun so I left on my own and went back to the hotel. There I met my sister and her friends Isa and Annabell again. Together we walked through Rimini to find something to eat and we found this creepy guy...

It was as huge as its own aquarium O_O
Linda later joined us and we had lunch ^0^

It has been a reaaally lazy day but in the evening we went to Carnaby and I was all excited because Isa told me she has some friends who come to Italy only to party in Carnaby so.. I thought this disco has to be amazing :D

My sister and Anabell stayed at the hotel and Linda, Isa and I ended up walking about 30 minutes to a Shisha Bar... after a few cocktails and crepes we finally arrived there lol. Because it took us quite long to walk there it was kinda late so we only smoked one time and then went back to Carnaby!!!

Isa and me quite drunk but somehow I like it @carnaby

Carnaby is a 3 floor disco and I totally love it!!! The Barkeepers are amazing!! They do little shows and talk to you and the whole atmosphere is just great. We liked the barkeepers on the 3rd floor the most :D
But the music on the 2nd floor was my highlight.. electro dance stuff :3 Always the best! 
We even got to know a very nice group of other gemans. They were the first people who were actually nice to us without wanting something sexuall and the boys also had a girl with them so.. wuuahh talked with them a lot

 with one of the barkeepers. You can see the original one on my FB but this is just too ugly for my blog XDD

Sadly Linda went home quite early because she was so damn sick. I feel so sorry for her ): So Isa and I were one of the last people in the club and somehow we ended up talking to the DJs. Carnaby closed at like 4 am and I think its weird in a party destination because Im used to clubs that close at 5 or 6 am and we arent even a party destination..XD So... they kicked the others out with their national anthem. I mean how fucking weird is that?? :D After closing the club we went with the DJs to eat something and Isa left a bit earlier than me. Unfortunately our hotel is closed from 6 to 10am and I couldnt make it on time to the hotel so I stayed the whole night with the DJ at his place.. ahaha this is so fucked up I mean.. I could have been murdered or something /DD Alone with a random stranger well okay he is a quite famous DJ but still.. at the night in a foreign country which language I dont speak.. oh well I regret nothing ;D
He even drove me back home to our hotel so he is really nice and not a murderer :)
I have been up all night a few times before too but 10am really is my personal highscore XD Ive never came home that late.

With nice boys from our hotel at the beginning of this night :)

thats it for this day. One or two more posts about italy will follow soon than I can close this capture :3

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