Wednesday, September 12, 2012

d.i.a, food and make up

Yesterday my mum picked me up from the gym so we could go to the customs to pick up my mbok package ^0^ 

I ordered these two tops and a fake d.i.a belt.

Im not sure about the second top because it has these stupid bra thingiiees.. its good if you have no boobs like most asians but if you have some it doesnt look thaaat good.. so Im searching for a way to hide them or some thing.

After custums we got hungry and found such a cute american restaurant! Ive never been there befor but they even have a cocktail happy hour so Ill check their drinks out next week when Im going to capitol for foam party :3
We ordered a burger and some chili cheese fries...omg I wanted to try them for so long and it tastes sooo goood nomnom. There goes my workout lol

In the evening I put on some make up and I tried smokey eyes on gyaru make up for the first time and I think it turned out quite good! I just have to say since I have pink hair I got a bit lazy when it comes to nose stripe /DD I dont even know why..

So ya.. onto the pics! 

here you can see the belt quite good!

So sad my pink is fading away so fast! But my hairline is growing and I dont know how I should handle this... so I guess I go back to blonde as soon as my pink just faded out completely. I ordered another set of extens so I will have even have more hair after turning blonde again :3 I cant wait to clip in my extens and curl them and..awww long hair is just so much fun

Some side note for the end. Im organizing an 
Internatinal GYARU Lovers Winter Meet in January 2013. 
Just telling you now so you have enough time for saving money and spreading the word. Everyone is welcome who lives the style or is interested in. The full description is on the
 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE << click this

So how do I spend my last day before school starts again? Yep... Working!!
Bye for now


  1. der pulli ist sooo schön! *_* ich will auch!! ^o^
    aber die anderen sachen sind auch toll!
    wo bestellst du die klamotten eig immer???

    1. auf mbok steht doch oben ;D
      Aba nich immer. Das war jetzt meine erste mbok bestellung. Sonst hab ich Glück mit Gyaru sales oder Freunde eben ;3

    2. xD oh ... da war ich mal wieder zu dumm zum lesen!!! haha

  2. I love your pink hair! It's so wild and cute at the same time~
    Also I want to see the d.i.a. tops on you! I just shopped d.i.a. in Japan and I already want to buy shit again too TT;

    And are you sure the d.i.a. belt is a fake? It looks quite real! I thought before I ordered something on mbok that looked 'not real' but I think the clothes were just worn out a bit... The real d.i.a. belt that looks like yours is stretchy too!

    1. Awwee thank you <3

      mhh Im not quite sure but there was no d.i.a tag at the belt but I didnt know the real one is stretchy too?? Ahh its so difficult to tell but the charms look kinda "harsh" to me. Cant really describe.. I can send you the link where I bouhgt it later since I gotta go to work now!

    2. If you want me to check, I can~ And yes, please send me the link later :D
      But yes, 100% sure that version of the belt is stretchy. It doesn't always have d.i.a. on it. But I looked at a belt at vincit (Shinjuku Alta) that looked the same as the d.i.a. belt (though with skulls, I think) but was way cheaper.
      I think Japanese brands copy each other a bit, too, so... might be a real d.i.a. one, might be not.

  3. Oh gott!! Der d.i.a. Gürtel is zu geil!! Ich wollt den schon immer!! :D Zeigst du mir die Seite mal? :) Aber eig hab ich gar kein Geld :/



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