Sunday, September 16, 2012

weekend impressions

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of a friend of mine having bubble tea and champagne.. xD

This was my outfit for the day
in the last pic you can see I tried drawing my eyebrows pink. I ended up looking like Jefree Star.. but not in a good way XDD

oh oh oh and luckily I found out with the help of a very nice girl that my d.i.a belt is real!!! asfghsy
now I love it even more.. /DD brandwhore.
thanks again ♥

Alsooo I go tanning again more often now. Since I can now combine it with going to the gym its easier to get my lazy ass up than just for one thing. 

Sadly I fail doing hot tan bed pics ,_, All these girls on tumblr look so sexy and Im just laying right there with no make up at all and... merp. (okay I put on eyebrows but cmon..I need themXD)

and randomly I want to show you my current babies ♥

I sell and buy so often.. xD 

Well.. enough for today. I dont really feel like blogging. Just wanted to leave some pics here. bye 


  1. Beim nächsten Sale Post denk an mich :D :*

    P.s Ich liiiiebe deine rosanen Haare die sind sooo toll xD

  2. I like the pink hair in combination with d.i.a. clothes :3 looks so cool! Oh I really want to store my clothes like this too ^.^

  3. Your outfit is just gorgeous! I'm so jelly of all your clothes. I need to come and steal your wardrobe haha. <3 (≧∇≦)

  4. haha, das sonnenbahnk bild ist cool xD
    als ich bräunen war dacht ich mir auch immer, wtf all diese bitches sehen auf den fotos voll sexy aus und ich bin voll der monk xD

  5. you looks so great, i like your style ^.^ so sexy

  6. also ich mag dein outfit :D
    und das sonnenstudiobild haha xD

  7. love your candy Hair *_____* I will dye my hair also rosé on sunday . I`m so curious how it would looks like on me .____.



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