Monday, September 3, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation Part 3

As I told you we had to stand up quite early in the morning since we wanted to go to venice!!
So our trip started at 8 in the morning and we got told it would take us 1 1/2 hour by bus but we endet up taking 4 FOUR DAMN HOURS... I know why I hate bus tours ,_,
However when we arrived my anger went away because I immediately fell in love with the city.

On the ferry with 2 girls we got to know during our holiday

If you ever have the opportunity to visit this city.. grab your chance!!! You wont regret it I swear! Next time Ill be able to visit venice I want to take my future boyfriend with me. Venice is defenitely romantic and perfect for couples.

We took a walk through the city with our guide and I just couldnt stop taking pictures. Everything looked so amazing and exactly like I thought venice is going to look like. I just thought it was a bit smaller but venice is kinda huge o: They even have a Hard Rock Cafe but we couldnt find it...Ive never been into ANY Hard Rock Cafe...buhu I want it so bad ,_,

The first gondolas and gondolas men ( ?? XD ) weve seen!!
I was so excited aahhh. They look so cute with their hats on

We took a walk through the Markusplatz and we got told a lot of famous movies were filmed here like Sissi and James Bond and other movies I havent seen /DDD
But look at the streets...they are so small and tiny and old. So beautiful!!!

More gondolaaas

And then the best part we even took a ride on a gondola!!! I was so fucking happy omg. I dont care if it was with my bestie and not with a boyfriend. I sat in a gondola awwww it was so great ^0^
It cost 80 Euro per gondola so Linda and me asked some strangers if they want to join so we only had to pay 20 euro each :3 It was totally worth it! I can imagine this is even more romantic by night with all the lights and stuff

This one was near the famous Rialto Bridge 

In the evening we came home at like 10pm and had to take the shuttle at half past eleven for the disco... 
This time we went to Baia Imperiale. Omg this was fucking awesome. The entry was about 26 Euro and we already got a discount but it was worth every euro I spent. This disco is fucking HUGE it has 7 dancefloor and even a pool somewhere. I fell in love with the hardstyle area and the normal charts/electro area. At some point some dancers came in disguise and I couldnt stop laughing as Ive seen a god damn roman. The dancer really wore a whole roman outfit with helmet and everything like.. what the actual fuck XDD

I have a video but I have so many other videos I will cut them together and upload them as one as a finish post to italy summer (: 

This was the crew for the night whooo!!

my sister looks so cute omg

I really liked the club and the people there werent that pushy as somewhere else. I think it has something to do with the entrance fee and stuff. It was really relaxing dancing without perverts xD
Only thing was so typically me.. I came back to the group and saw 2 old guys talking to my friends and they looked pretty italian so I said in german " omg look at those old guys. They could be my grandfathers! what do you wanna do with them???" and then they talked to me in german and I was like..omg I wanna die /DDD 
We came home at like 4 am but if there drove another shuttle bus we would have stayed longer  because it was so great But to be honest I was really tired because of the daytrip to venice and it was even hotter there than in rimini and then party...well nobody remembers the nights you got plenty of sleep!


  1. Zomg Venice looks so amazing *_* I went there when I was little, but I can't remember it that much D: Really want to go there again! ^^

    1. Venice is a city I want to visit again and again because its just so beautiful ,_, Next time I hope Ill have a boyfriend XD


    besuch mich und du kommst in ein Hard Rock Cafe XDDDD

    1. es gibt in heidelberg ein hardrock cafe? omg ich lebe so hinterm Mond ich dachte immer nur in so Weltstädten XD

  3. hach venedig sieht so schön aus .__.
    Tolle Bilder!



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