Sunday, December 2, 2012

d.i.a sales post

I ship from Germany to the EU
I accept paypal but bank transfer is accepted within germany.
If you live in Switzerland I can ship within Switzerland, too! (cheaper but maybe needs a bit longer)
Prices are in euro and without shipping.

4,10 € within germany or maybe cheaper
?? € rest of the world (depends on where you live so please ask!)
additional items can cause a higher fee (depends on weight)

Once I shipped I am not responsible for any damaged or lost items on the way.

Please do not forget that these are secondhand items so I used and washed them before. If somethings wrong with them I left a note at the picture if theres no note they are alright!
Since you can ask me for more detailed pics of whatever you want to see etc there IS NO REFUND, sorry!

Questions? ASK ME

d.i.a pink/black strapless top with golden chain
bought on mbok, second hand but still good condition since I nearly never wore it because Im too fat for it.

Price: 40 € SOLD thank you!

so heres a pic of Jasmin wearing it. <3 p="p">

d.i.a shorts 
should fit with hip measurements of 90cm maximum. (the skinnier you are the better)

Price: 50 €

d.i.a butterfly fur belt
good for chubbier girls because it isnt as tight as the usual d.i.a belts (I said chubbier not fat)

Price: 60 € SOLD thank you!

detailed pic

worn here

d.i.a white/leo top
bought in shibuya 109. second hand. Ive worn it kinda often.

Price: 40 € SOLD thank you!


  1. Ich nehm das d.i.a pink/black strapless top with golden chain :)

  2. i want the white one please!!! aiko

  3. meinste das weiß/leo top würde mir passen ?

  4. Honeyy muahhah i want the leo top xD how much the shipping to italy?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. hi) i want to buy d.i.a shorts ) how much shipping to Finland?

    1. Hello! The shipping to Finland is 8,90 € I hope thats okay?
      Add me on Facebook and we can talk about it :)

      Kitai Fi << Facebook

  8. ok.)
    but that was the starting price?

    1. Uhm.. Im not sure what you want to know..

      The price for the shorts are 50 euro and the price for the shipping is 8,90 euro that makes a total of 58,90 euro.

      Please add me on Facebook, write me a message or leave your email here because I dont want to talk about privacy details in public!

    2. Hey dear didnt you get my email?



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