Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bella Italia Summer Vacation Part 5

Omg finally Im writing the 5th and final part of my trip to Rimini.
For 4 months now Im trying to write about my holidays in Italy but as you might have noticed Ive had lost my motivation to blog but now Im back and ready to write the last part.


I can only remember that due to the fact we got home at 10 in the morning we slept kinda long. Later then I met with the DJ from Carnaby because he wanted to show me his flight simulator which he built on his own!!
I wouldnt believe it if I havent seen it with my own eyes. The good thing was this construction was at his mothers house so I was able to see an old italian lady which was kinda like a "to do" thingie on my "what to do in italy" list :D

He brought me back to the hotel and in the evening Isa, Linda, my sister + her friends and I decided to go to the LIFE club. The first 200 partypeople got a tshirt for free! You could decide between "Life is better brunette" or "Life is better blonde" I love it since Life can either be just life or the disco Life in Rimini :3

That day also was the day were we decided to take a lot of pictures. I dont know why we got the idea on our last day and not on the days before... 
however thats why I have some party pics for you :3

I didnt wear lenses or lashes I just looked so freaking normal.

Oh and look at my blingee bunny ears!!! I love them °0°
Even wore them in the club
my nails glowed in the dark :3

Lindas, Isas and my plan for the night was simple. First get to Life Club because of free entry. Grab our free thsirt and our free cocktail and dance for some time. Then heading over to Carnaby and go in there for free due to our party connections ;3 The usual entrance fee there is about 13 euro.

Arrived at Carnaby we also met the group of the day before again! This time even Linda had fun and wasnt that sick anymore.

with our teamer Alex in front of the Life club

 Unfortunately we had to check out at the hotel at 8 am so we couldnt stay out for that long this time. At like 6:30 in the morning Isa, Linda and I met again at our room. We talked a bit about what everybody has done, I took some bites of my pizza and then fell a sleep. But only for like 30 minutes because then we had to pack our stuffs. Yes we didnt even pack... so we were a bit in a hurry and at 8am we really checked out of our hotel. I just can tell you it was the WORST idea I could have had to sleep for 30 minutes because this made me so fucking tired omg. Srsly I just should have stayed awake.

I dont really know where to put the "7thday" but I think here is quite good...


At like 9 am we went to San Marino by bus and there I tried to sleep a bit but I wasnt successfull. San Marino isnt really a beautiful city I dont know what everybodys talking about. Well, maybe it was just the day because it was rainy and Id just been so tirrreeeedddd!!!
In San Marino we tried some alcohol in a booze shop because its cheap as fuck there and even if the whole situation had something like going into a "free candy" van with an old man sitting in it, I still dont regret buying some alcohol there. We bought a bottle of Limoncello because thats been another "to do" thing on my "what to do in italy" list. I wanted to try it since Ive seen it in Jersey Shore when they went to Firenze!!!

Oh and we also bought a bottle with a very suspicious sticker on it. There was just this bottle with nothing else on it than a white sticker with some shitty word document font saying "sex on the beach". Honestly, I dont want to know whats really been in there lol.
sometimes I really ask myself how come Im still alive.

After a few hours we went back to our hotel in Rimini to wait for our bus to come. While we waited for our buses I fell a few times asleep on a hammock. At some time I just couldnt do this anymore because OH GOSH I NEEDED A REAL BED SO DAMN HARD. To do at least something I went to one of the many tourist shops and bought myself some sexy ass pants.

Oh yes I love Rimini!!!! I wish I was rich so I could party all night. It was such a great time 'heart'

But I can not decide what was worse. Our journey by bus TO Rimini or our way BACK home.
Bus tours in general are so annoying and I still couldnt arrange to sleep well on the bus -.-
If youve ever asked yourself "omg can she be any more annoying"
Thats why Linda and I got a bit in a fight because as I just said I can be a serious annoying hardcore bitch when I dont get the sleep I need. Linda also wasnt the best buddy you could wish for because she got REALLY sick now so you can guess how much fun this freaking 13h bus tour had been for us.
At this point if youre reading this Linda I want to apologize again for my behavior but it was also kinda good this happened because it strengthened our friendship 'heart'

Ok I guess thats everything I wanted to say about my trip to rimini. Im glad I finally finished this..
next up will be FINALLY my circle lense review with sponsored lenses from uniqso :)

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