Monday, December 17, 2012

Assi Gals At Christmas Market FFM

Hey there bitches!!!

Finally something new from me :3

Yesterday Mia organized a little "assi gals at christmas market" meet and of course Barbara Jasmin my boyfriend and I went to Frankfurt!
Unfortunately Ramona was ill and some other people couldnt come too because of several reasons o: But we had fun anyways!!

since its christmas time Jasmin and I brought some hot glogg for our little journey and we already drank nearly all of the 2 liter on our way to the meet. I LOVE hot glogg.

When we arrived we met the other gals and then wanted to go to a japanese bakery but guess who was sitting in there and needed ALL OF THE SPACE? Of course Lolitas. Period. 

We needed something else because it was raining, cold and some of us were hungry so we went to an italian restaurant where I had some delicious lasagna omg so yummy ,0,

 Milky and Barbara

Oh and me with a merry christmas bow ^0^

You wonder why I dont wear extens? I dont dye my hair anymore I just tinge them (I hope its the right word..) because I got serious problems with my damaged hair x:
However since I tinge them they changed their colour from totally deep ass black to a more lighter black. Something like dark chocolate brown or something so my extens dont match my real hair anymore.
I want to keep them healthy until I can dye them blonde again and kill them again without getting bald.
I hope to be blonde again at the wintermeet!!! 

After eating, taking pictures and chatting around we already needed to go to the trainstation again because we had to drive 2-3 hours home and otherwise we would have arrived way too late at home.
,___, Even if it was a short meet I enjoyed it!! I appreciate every hour I can spend with my girls ^0^

 Vero and Amanda 

On our way back home we took some more pics together. These two are my favourites of yesterdays pics of me XD

with Barbara and Jasmin

Unfortunately I STILL dont have any good pics with my boyfriend ,___, I cry so hard about thaaaat.
Ive only got one pic which I had to edit so.. lol I dont think that even counts <.< but he looks cute in here!!!

 Ohh and something off topic. On Friday I went clubbing for the first time again after AGGGEEEEESSS. I am so happy I finally went out again. This is just what I love. Good music, dancing and alcohol. Gimme more of that, life!!!

This just has to be placed here so nobody thinks I got boring or something. NOOO I can still party ^0^


  1. das letzte bild ist so geil xD!!!!!
    sieht voll gemütlich aus ;_;

  2. das letzte bild ist sooo super!!
    Und schöne Bilder *_*

  3. das letzte bild ist einfach nur göttlich!!! xD

  4. xDDD ich finds sachte traurig dass ich keinen einzigen glühwein gekauft hab lol
    war schön dich zu sehen ;; <3333 spread the love *^*♥
    ich hoffe wir machen nochmal was in den ferien ^^



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