Saturday, February 9, 2013

Carnival @ Airport

Hey there lovely readers ^0^

There are so many carnival parties at the moment and yesterday my sister, Isa and I went to one at the Airport. I went as a devil again but this time a little bit different hihi

comparison between last time and this week!
For yesterday I bought myself a red wig and I really liked it. Oh and I also needed black horns because otherwise you wouldnt see my red horns o:

It was the first time ever I wore a wig outside my home and Im not sure if I did it wrong or if my head is just one huge motherfucker XD

However we found a stall where you could get airbrush tattoos. We immediately thought of Rimini because there we made fun about being tattooed "riminibitch" (ok we were totally drunk back then and it was only fun of course but we really liked the idea but couldnt find some airbrush stuff and so on)
So we got RIMINIBITCH airbrushed at the airport :D

didnt like my face
so sad my bestie couldnt be there, too. She was also a Riminibitch 'heart'

Aaaand my sister and I made such lovely pictures in the photobooth!!! I love our set so much ^0^

Later my sister and I are going to another carnival party in a neighbour village. Im sure this will be fun, too! Im not quite sure about what Ill be wearing but no devil this time I swear hihi

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