Monday, February 11, 2013

Carnival is about to end

On Saturday my sister and I went to Güntersleben for another carnival party!
This time Ive been an angel and she was the devil hihi

I dont have much to say except we had a lot of fun. On the next morning I was really tired because at 12 pm there was the carnival procession in Würzburg. So I met Chris and some other people to celebrate carnvial and catch some candy hihi

At 2pm some discos opened and we headed to Tanzcafé Ludwig to party :3
A few hours later we wanted to go to the Posthalle but there was an emergency and we had to wait at least 30 minutes to enter so we decided to go home and rest a bit.

After the short break we took a cab to the airport and met my sister and her friend again. On the procession Ive been a blonde navy girl with my gyaru make up on but in the evening
I didnt feel putting on my wig again and that heavy make up. So I just took my navy cap with me.

and looked like a navy boy lol

We partied until the end and I came home at 5 in the morning. So you can guess that I am now totally exhausted from celebrating carnival. Im partying since friday /DD
But I love it and Im a bit sad its already almost over :(


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! :D

  2. Oh, ich sehe ihr hattet eine tolle Karnevalsparty!!! Ich auch ;)

  3. the party looks so fun >_<

    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?
    visit my blog ^^



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