Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nacht der Nächte

listen up folks carnival is here!!!

Finally it is that time of the year again to be in disguise :3


So yesterday I went with my sister and Chris to Nacht der Nächte.

She dressed as a pirate, he as a cowboy and I was a devil!!
I had to cut my sister off because she didnt like herself.

Can you see the red lense Im wearing? I so fell in love with them. It totally suits my costume °0°

my sister and I

We had a lot of fun and sang loudly to carnival songs all night. Of course we stayed until the end :3
We also talked to a lot of people I dont even know /DD
Just like somebody said to me "Fasching is Fasching" hihihi

My sister is trying to kill me!!!
Aaaand I dont know these guys down here except Chris ^^

Im looking forward the next carnival parties! I still dont know what Ill be wearing then D:
Maybe Ill be a devil again. O: Shame on me I know. If I do so this year will be the first year after aggeees Im going to wear the same costume twice a year. But I really liked me as a devil :3


  1. wow, I love the outfit *_* and the make up looks great!

  2. als teufelchen siehst du richtig toll aus!!!
    die zwei verschiedenen kontaktlinsen sind auch der hammer!!!
    ich freu mich schon auf die bilder der kommenden partys!! ^o^

  3. Cool outfit :) I love that red lense!

  4. haha teufel passt zu dir :'D mir gefiel schon deine andeutung bei den führer puri xDDDD
    du hast außerdem meinen respekt für die ganze meet up orga

    1. danke schön! aba so schwer is das ganed :b



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