Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip To Krakòw - Day 2

On the second day was the big day - The wedding day!!

at 11 am we went to really cute register office which looked like a small castle for the marriage.
It was all held in polish of course so I couldnt really understand what they were saying exactly but well it was a marriage I think we can all guess what theyve said xD

After taking some pictures we drove to a cottage where the party should take place. I think we drove about 1 1/2 hours.

The cottage was surrounded by mountains and it was such a beautiful landscape it reminded me a bit of Switzerland ^-^

Inside the cottage we were offered a lot of food for example a soup as a starter and we always had something to drink on the table. At first it was only wine, water, different kind of juice and coke. After the main dish you could also see the vodka hihi

 the first thing I noticed was that the table setting was a bit different from german ones...
next to all the other glasses like the glass for wine, the glass for water and the glass for champagne we also had a shot glass XDD

can you see it? :D I never experienced this before but I liked it :D

Between the different dishes we had enough time for doing whatever we want. Grzegorz and I were outside quite often and talked with a lot of people. Everyone was so nice and tried to talk to me and if we couldnt understand each other Grzegorz translated for me ^-^

There was also a band playing in traditional polish clothing I think. It looked really cool! They played most of the time but when they rested we had a dj. So there has been played music all the time!!

Of course they played a lot of polish songs. They even played a lot of polka and some techno!
At some point I just couldnt hold it anymore and had to head over the dancefloor. I really liked how everybody was dancing there because you just danced how you felt and how you felt comfortable with ^-^

heres my favourite video from this day. I regret I didnt recorded longer because you can see that EVERYONE no matter what age is having a great time and I also like the music a lot :3

I danced with a lot of people mostly girls but I also danced with this old man. He was sooo cute :D
We couldnt understand each other but we had a great time dancing.

Sooo here you can see me "dancing" XD
I just want to say that I never learned dancing thats why Im just... jumping up and down on the dancefloor but he didnt mind since this was the second time we danced together :D

Enjoy and feel free to laugh about me :D :D

every once in a while we had little party games which were so much fun!
I couldnt record everything since I was part of the games too but here is a small video where I didnt take part in. It was a bit like the game Reise nach Jerusalem ( I found musical chairs on a translator? ) but with people! So there is a line of women standing towards a line of men and in the middle is a man sweeping until the music gets faster thats when everybody has to search for a dancing partner as quick as he can! The one whos left has to be the one in the middle sweeping ^-^

It was something before midnight when I left the party since I got a headache again ,_, I guess it was the veeery loud music. Grzegorz accompanied me home but then went back to the party. He came home at like 2 hours later and we even heard foot steps from people coming home at like half past 5 :D

In the next posts Im going to show you our beautiful accomodation <3 p="">

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