Sunday, June 16, 2013

Going To Japan With Jasmin This Summer!!!

Hello lovely followers!

Since I dont really have something to blog about I just let you know that I will be in Tokyo again this summer and this time with Jasmin!!!

Im so happy to travel with her since I know we will be getting along with each other ;3

I know her for like 3 years now I think!

The first time I met her was at our very first HimeBerry meet up (our old circle) and I still remember the words I wrote to express my feelings about her in a blogpost... I said that I thought she was too shy for me and doesnt talk much... HOW COULD I EVER THINK ABOUT HER THAT WAY XD

Of course this changed after the second meet :b

We went on many many meet ups together, were in a circle together and are now in one again, went to gyaru sleepovers, dressed as manbas, organized meet ups for HimeBerry together, went partying together in different cities aaand we went together on our very first BIG gyaru meet up!!

Where of course we took our first purikuras together!!
And now she is on like 80% of all of my purikuras XD
However I cant wait to do many many more puris in Tokyo hihi

At first we wanted to travel with Ramona and Barbara but then Barbaras work said she wont get off at the time we wanted to fly but 3 weeks later which is still in our summer vacations but Jasmin and I found a hotel bargain for a limited date and of course we caught the bargain!

So thats why it will be only the two of us but Mia, Kate and Amanda are flying to Tokyo 3 days before we fly back so we will have 3 days together in Tokyo!!! So cool!!
Also Hans, a member of our beloved circle velvet, will be in Tokyo to visit his sister the time we are there. Meet up time again!!! :D

I also planned to meet with lovely Eriko again. A girl I got to know last time I went to Tokyo! I hope to spend a whole day with her since last time everythin was a bit confusing ,_,

Aaand of curse I finally need to meet Alaska Gold! (I dont even know your real name omg. But I always stalk her posts and she even comments on my posts too °0° I think we'd understand pretty good because we have the same interests :3)

This time we planned to party in Tokyo!! We want to go to club Atom of course, too. Can you recommend some other clubs to us? Electro clubs preferred! Maybe in Roppongi area since we are going to stay there and hoped we could save money for transportation to and from the club with just walking home :D

But we are open to any recommends you can give us!

Some information YOU may wanna know is that we are flying with Lufthansa this time. So no stopps and no long waiting hours!!!! I AM SO HAPPY omg xDD 12 hours at abu dhabi just were too much.
We will even fly with the A380 *0* omg I LOVE planes and being able to fly with this HUGE and MASSIVE plane is just so.. adsadfjölas wonderful!

I will take a lot of pictures from inside the plane, the food, the entertainment and stuff so it will may help you choosing an airline for your next flight!

pixelated because I was drunk and she had an eye infection! D:
Party hard anyways lol

Staying in Roppongi also means that I will hopefully see the Tokyo Tower and the Hard Rock Café!
We also plan to go to Hooters, Ghibli museum, Disney land and Disney sea and the typical stuff like shopping at the typical places!

Oh and we want to go and see Hanabi fireworks! We wonder if there will be any from the time between 6 august and 24 august?

Do you have something else to recommend for us, any place we NEED to visit or are you at the same time in Tokyo? We could hang out together :3 
We will arrive tuesday 6 august and fly back to germany on saturday 24 august!

Just let me know ^-^

Looking forward to blogging every day when Im in Tokyo just as last time!!


  1. Haha, you can just call me Ina, dear <3 <3 I am also totally looking forward to the summer and to get to know you and your friend. I hope we can take one purikura together and as for clubs, there is lots! We need to stalk the events right before we go, I think there is sometimes gyaru-related events too~ (Or like trance-goth-something party that ex-fernopaa staff Amihamu always goes to~)

    And there will be Hanabi all August usually, every Saturday, especially in the beginning of August, there should be some. I'm sure the masses will guide you, it will not be hard to find out XD
    (Also eye infections ugh! I always get them in Tokyo in summer, I hate it)

    1. okay Ina haha sorry for that :D <3

      Thank you for the many tips and this trance goth something party with Amihamu ( :D ) sounds sooo awesome!! I hope we can find something like that!
      Please let me know when you ordered your tickets and know when you will be there so we can meet up and of course we are going to take puris together!!

      Yees last time in Tokyo I also had some problems with my eyes. I guess its because Im not used to put on so much make up and putting in lenses on a daily basis!

      Cant wait to meet you! I hope we can manage to meet :3

  2. Aww die Bilder sind klasse :3
    Ich wünsche euch gaaaanz viel Spaß in Japan *-*
    Es ist total super, dass ihr euch schon so lange kennt und sowas miteinander machen könnt :)



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