Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trip To Krakòw - Day 1

Hello readers!!

Some of you may know that I have been in Poland the last days due to my facebook updates and I have to say that I kind of want to go back again!

The reason for traveling to Poland was the second wedding of Grzegorzs dad and he kindly invited us to Krakow where we stayed for 4 days.

After 13 hours driving in a bus we finally arrived at Krakow on Friday morning and immediately headed over to his dads place where I got to know his (then) soon to be wife and got warm welcomed with a glass of wine (it was still in the morning :D)

After the getting to know each other we rested a bit but then went to the city as soon as possible since I wanted to see the city!!

I got a guided tour by my boyfriend hihi He knows so much about the city and the city is full of history its amazing!

We stopped by so many churches and castles and very interesting buildings. One day I even saw a woman holding up a sign " Free walking tours. Join us" I really loved the idea of this!

Fortunately we had really good weather. The sun was shining and it was very pleasant.
Thats why we walked and walked and walked for hours through the city :D

Krakow even has one huuuuge building (I guess its been a castle before) where you can see the architecture of the many different eras! For me it doesnt look that pretty but its still amazing how many different architectures you can see in ONE castle. It also had a beautiful garden in it and many staturies of former important people.

If you are in Krakow youll see a lot of carriages, too :3

After sightseeing we went into a mall for a bit window shopping and to check the cinema program.
Ive seen a LOT of monster high stuff there xDD

In the evening we decided to rest a bit in the local Hard Rock Café!
It was my first time ever!!!

We had Bahama Mama and... Purple Haze (XDD) I dont know how they came up with that name but it tasted like sherbet!!!! I think this was even one of the ingredients omg so delicious!

It was already dark outside when we headed to a shisha place to meet with Grzegorzs dad and some of his friends again. Outside my boyfriend and I shared a pizza together but unfortunately I was sooo tired from the journey and the walking so I got a headache. Thats why we couldnt stay any longer to hang out with the others! So sad :(

We called a cab and then finally went to sleep!

On the next day was the big day. The wedding day!! Be prepared for super fun wedding videos and a lot of pictures about our beautiful place we stayed <3 p="">


  1. sammelst du monster high ? ^^

    1. Nee mach ich nich. Ich find die zwar voll schön und schau mir auch oft gern die Zeitschriften an aba dafür Geld auszugeben is für mich dochn bisschen ne Verschwendung^^
      Ich wär einfach nur gern so hübsch wie einige von ihnen ahaha :D

  2. looks beautiful <3
    can't wait to hear more *_*



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