Friday, June 28, 2013

Trip To Krakòw - Day 3

The third day was a relaxing day. We slept as long as we wanted and then met with everybody in the garden for lunch again.
I just had coffee since Ive been still full of the day befores food but some of the guests even drank wine again /DD 

So speaking of our place we stayed I want to show you some pictures :3

This was the view from our window.
The house was placed directly in the nature with a lot of green, flowers and so many cute details!

We even had a fireplace where we grilled fish and the red wood thing you can see in the picture below is a balcony where we had two swings made of wood! So relaxing ^-^

My baby resting on our veranda ^-^
There were so many things to explore in this garden! I even found a small path (sorry for the blurry picture) which lead me to bridge and a river. It was really breathtaking and made fun to explore the nature surrounding me :3

Here is a small room tour video!

Later that day we found some games and some of us played badminton and some of us played bow and arrow. I was in team 2 :D

I never did this before and we had reallly fun.

At like 5 pm we decided to drive back home again and Arthur a friend of the family was so nice to let us out in Krakòw directly because Grzegorz and I wanted to go to the cinema!

You know whats great in polish cinemas? They play films in english with polish subtitles. Thats why I was able to understand everything which was pretty good :)

We decided for the movie The internship ( in german I never heard about it before so back in germany I did some research on the internet and now I know why.. it will be released in SEPTEMBER in germany lol long time to go... and the trailer wasnt even that funny in german but I HIGHLY recommend to watch the movie in english!!! I DIED of laughter in the cinema. And not only me and my boyfriend. We were like 10 people inside the cinema and we all had to laugh out loud at least 5 times XD It was really hilarious.

Here is the trailer of the movie! If youre not going to find this funny than I really dont know whats wrong with you xD

Soo after the movie we just grabbed some food and called a cab (its so cheap there taking a cab back home... I could get used to it lol) and thats it for the day!!

Leaving you with this beautiful picture of our place we stayed ^-^
Be prepared for the last part of my Krakòw trip tomorrow!!

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