Monday, January 31, 2011

Dont trust a hoe !

tumblr pic.
I love her coord.

nyooooo since I got bored I wonder if I should post about my weight loss ?
Is anybody interessed in how I lost 17 Kg and turned from 


how emberrassing


NO belly move in by breath holding !!!
( is this even an english sentence ? <.<' )
swear to god !!

Now I gained sum weight so im not looking exactly like this. So sad !! But Im workin on my "come back " ;D

So if u r interessted in ..
pls cmt on this post or easier .. click on this pole.
Its totally free and ANONYMOUS 

R u interessted in my weight loss ?

Btw check out my new playlist. Good or what ?

Btw2 : Just thinkin bout doin this b/c I dont know whatelse to talk about /D
Want my hair to arrive so.. weather I post nothing or some other stuff like my weight loss.
Its up to u. Just thought it would be nicer instead of posting nothing or realy useless xD


  1. ja bitte sag mir das :D ich sollte so 5 kilo verlieren x)

  2. wow you look amazing! what a huge change to your appearance, I know exactlly how hard it is to lose weight so i really command you for actually losing that much weight!

  3. Mich würde es auch total interessieren! Will auch abnehmen, aber ich bin mir noch unschlüssig, wie ich das angehen soll...



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