Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Searching for a summer hat

Hey guys !

Omg Im so sorry that I cant update that often.
Im so busy with work atm. ;_;
I have to work more often now b/c I wont work for 2 weeks in august ( you know the trip to japan )
Soo I have to work 4 days a week not 2 or 3. AND I have to study for my driving licence ~.~
So my week looks like this atm
Mo: work Tue: driving lessons Wed: work Thu: driving lessons AND work Fr: FREETIME YAHOO. Sat: work
BUHUHUHU I dont want anymore but nyahh..I need the money for japan xD So its worth it.

However, back to topic.

Since its freaking hot in Japan these days I need a sunhat and some flip flops.

I found this one in local H&M 

lol René looks like granny :D ♥♥

Unfortunately its purple -.-
So Im still searching for the perfect one..
And what I really dont get is...
I just want some simple flip flops in black. Maybe a little flower on it but just normal.
Flat. Black.Normal.
But what do you find those days in the city ? Only super chick glamourous new super trendy summer shoes ;_______; I DONT WANT YOU !!! Where are my normal flip flops ??
I dont want to have glitter on it or big rhinstones or small ones or feathers o-ö or..HEELS.Heels on flip flops...are you fucking kidding me ? -.-
When I want some heels I go and buy some 14cm heels but never less ! And you want me to buy those fucked up supertrendy 3cm heel flip flops...NO. <.<

brr I could talk about this like forever.. this makes me so angry and sad buhuhu ;__;
But my search will go on ! 

Wish me luck and please keep on following me !
Only 25 days till Japan then Ill blog everyday ^__________^ EXCITEEED.

( ah did you notice in this pics..I was at the hairdresser. I got side bangs now or a side pony Idk the word in english ~.~ Im very happy with it. Now my face doesnt look like a pancake anymore o.ö )


  1. Ich hab normal schwarze Flip Flops ausm New Yorker xD auch gerade erst gekauft, also eigentlich müssts die noch geben.

  2. ja ? wenn ich "normale" flip flops find dann so welche wo ma den zeh durchstecken muss und das schrubbt dann da so rum und tut weeehh.

  3. wo arbeitest du eigentlich? :O
    die frisur steht dir !



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