Sunday, July 17, 2011

Want some cake ??


This is me at work. friend and me dont have something to do XDD

Im working in a supermarket called Kupsch since april this year.
Im very happy that Im able to work there and to have such nice work colleagues !!

So as you can see Im wearing my uniform for working. Its red and blue ;D

In this picture you can also see i was eating a tiramisu... this wasnt a good idea b/c of my lactose LOL
however..Ill never learn it. But Eva was so nice to help me eating this xDD

while we are talking about eating..I got some food for you I ate last week.

This one were two pancakes filled with nutella :D
Its way too much chocolate but yummy if you like that !

And this delicious dessert...

This was vanilla ice cream with brownie pieces and some eggnog :3
It looks a bit like sperm..eww.

Hope I made you hungry haha :D


  1. OMG!!! I do love chocolate and I'm hungry, you're evil! xD
    You're lucky having a job, I need money and I don't find any job ;_;



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