Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yoo whats up guys ??
Yesterday Ramona and I went to Frankfurt by train because Jedward were there.
Actually they had an autograph session but this was cancelld. So we searched them in the city.
About 1 hour go we arrived, we got a message which said they will be on the airport in about 1 hour.
So we drove there and had to wait for 3 hours XD

While we were waiting we found 2 cute japanese girls who went to Sweden and Finnland for exchange ^_^

and Finally they came !!

we took some pics and vids. We were about 15 people or something. Not that much. So they huged everybody and took photos with everyone. They were so nice !!

 so ugly HAHAHA but I like how tight he holds me :D Im not a fan of them. Ramona LOVES Jedward so Ive done her a favor and went with her to Frankfurt. Sure I was a bit excited, too ! I like them and I was happy to meet some famous people I like haha

But I hope Ill see my Mike, Billie and Tré soon and can do photos like this with them OMG IM DYING ONLY THINKING ABOUT !!!

Ill should create a twitter acc so I can stalk them on twitter to find out where they are in germany and when LOL
Ramona has to drive with me then and do me a favor XDD

Ah before I forget... I made a video. ENJOY

If you dont like it.. go to 1:17. ILL HUG ONE OF THEM ( lol I cant even see who is who. You see, Im not a fan :D )

Oh and if you dont know them...
They are from Irland and took part in the eurovision song contest with their song called Lipstick

Heres a video when they were on tv total. I like this video better so watch this XDD

Ill post some more tomorrow or later. Because Ive something else to post xDD

See you then ;D

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  1. Das letzte Bild sieht so schön aus von euch beiden ^^
    Freut mich, dass ihr sie treffen konntet (:



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