Friday, July 15, 2011

Kiliani Festzelt


Im sorry for not updating my blog as promised but Ill do a video blog about this shit and tell you why. I AM SO PISSED -.-


Yesterday we went to Kiliani again. My boss invited all of the KUPSCH ( my working place ) to the Feszelt to have some fun ^_^

It was so..omg XDD I really enjoyed the time.
One of the persons made A LOT of pictures and videos. My boss was like " omg remember me to fire him " hahaha ( It was just a joke ;b )

I hope he will update them soon or send me via email !! So excited !!
Even while we drove Autoscooter hahahaha. This has to be a funny vid :D

I think this thing on my face looks shit :s In real it looked good I thought..mhhh..
I dont look like me...just like a different person O_O kinda evil XDD

But...okaaaaaay. Later that day Ill do another post about my Internet accs and a vlog.

Keep on following !!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

1 comment:

  1. Endlich ein neuer Post von dir ^-^
    Bin gespannt auf den Videoblog, was ist denn los? O:

    Lustige Truppe & du hast das Festzelt eindeutig aufgehübscht! :D



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