Sunday, November 13, 2011

150 ct KULT Party Capitol / FEIEREI

mömömömömöööö !!

Yesterday I went clubbing with one of my friends Chris ^-^

Since I had not to work this weekend I wanted to dance and party all night long BUUUUT since we live in beautiful bavaria there was ANOTHER ( remember two weeks ago exactly the same. wtf is wrong with you -.- ) legal holiday so we werent allowed to dance from midnight on. 
Same as last time, they only closed the dance area but we could danced around since the DJs were still playing music.

I had a great time and also meet the boys from the Asia takeaway next to Kupsch my working place :D
I always buy my yummy wantan from their takeaway when I have a break during work and they sometimes come to my place to buy some onions etc ^___^

a pic with one of the guys ! The others didnt want to. YYYYYYYYYY
you dont have to be so shy :D

I danced A LOT and had so much fun. When we decided to go  I checked my bag and couldnt find neither my punched card nor my money !! ( youll get a punched card so you dont have to pay cash when you want to have a drink. After checking out the club youll have to pay whats on your card ! If you lose your card you  have to pay the whole money ! )

Soo.. that sucked a lot ! I asked around but nobody has seen it ( well..who doesnt want to have free drinks hu ?? PLUS some extra money .___. ) I was about to cry ):
How the fuck should I pay 40 euros without money ???
I only had drinks for about 10 euros ): now I lost 20 and had to pay 40 :s

Fortunately the boss of the takeaway was SO SO SO SO SO hyper friendly to present me the money !!
I said omg youll get it back but he didnt want to. ( wtf how can somebody be so friendly ?? xD I dont even know him thaaat well )
However, hell get it back on tuesday when I get payed. MEEEE This sucks sooo much ):

buuut... look what Ive got ;D

super shy lee ( omg I hope Ive spelled your name right !! ) gave it to me as a present ;D
That cheered me up so I didnt cried XDD

After all...thank you so much for the great ( lets ignore that I lost my stuff ._. ) evening !!
Hope we will do this again nyahaha.

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  1. love the jacket ♥ i'm a new fan of your blog ^-^/



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