Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween at work !

Heeyyaaa !!
I hope you all had a great Halloween last night !
Im sorry that I have to blog that late. I went out for clubbing last night and slept the whole day /D
Ill blog about the Halloween party tomorrow when Linda gives me the pictures. ( boo you whore if  you wont bring them along )

Okay so here we goooo~

Since I had to work on Halloween I wanted to have some fun, too !
So Eva my working colleague/friend and me decided to start a mission :D
We wanted everybody to dress up because its Halloween :3
Fortunately we were able to persuade the most of our colleagues to join our mission. So we were 3 bunnys and 2 cats at the Kupsch haha.

 at work ^-^
and here are some pics at our wardrobe :3

A big thank you to my boss who allowed doing this (:
Im very happy that I found a working place where I can have fun, too !
And of course thank you to my colleagues who joined that fun :3

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