Friday, November 25, 2011

My week in a nutshell // video

Yoo people whats upp??
I found some time for blogging again.
I dont really know what to blog about.. Im just updating my FACEBOOK with pictures and stats...Im thinking about turning my blog into a "one photo blog "  what do you think about ??
Blogging several times a week but only one pic or know these blogs.

At first I thought this would be too boring and short, but now I recognize I dont have time to blog that often with these long posts. So maybe Im  going to give it a try.

Well, enough of this talking.
Im going to show you some pics I uploaded on FB during last week.

First of all I made new nails.

( hope its not too dark ? it turned out that my mac is lighter than my )

On Saturday I went on a local Convention called TiCon and René gifted me this super cute nemuneko !!

When I was in tokyo I wanted to win this cat but unfortunately I had no luck.
I had asked the manager if I could buy it but he didnt understand D/
So now Im really happy that René gave it to me <3 <3 <3

You remember when you had to vote for me ???

BRAVO called me. They said I got into the TOP 10.
Unfortunately I didnt won but they sent me a CD of their latest BRAVO hits :D

Another stupid pic of me

I ate while sitting in front of the computer. Im such a badass.

Aaannd Linda and I were having a webcam session on the other day.
It was so much fun haha. I dont own all photos and..a lot are too ugly/much boobs/crazy to show XD

omg all photos and videos in this post were taken by webcam.
You see the bad quality ;s ?

Im going to bed now. Tomorrow I have to work from 8am to 1pm.
Then my weekend will finally start and ..... PARTY PARTY PARTY.


  1. Cute video :D
    Love the nails and makeup! <3

  2. You know what.... You look like a (foreight, "white") twin of Cocona *_*

  3. exactly, i also thought immediately you look like cocona '_' fabulous!

  4. ich bin voll dagegen dass du nur noch bilder postest ^^ Text ist immer guut!

  5. die nägel sind toll!
    ich finde auch du solltest nicht nur bilder posten. du musst ja keinen roman schreiben aber ein bisschen text wär nicht schlecht! :)

  6. schöner blog :)
    und text kommt wirklich immer besser :D



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