Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lost and found

this is going to be a funny post :D ( well I think so )

A few months ago I lost my ID Card after clubbing.
This is not such a bad thing because Ive got my travel card and used this instead of the ID card the last months to get into clubs.
Everyone said I need to get a new ID card but this motherfucker costs around 30 euros AND its design changed !!
It looks so ugly now -.- Its way too small like a credit card or something. It looks terrible and I dont like the new ID card so I didnt requested a new one.


Yesterday I wanted to look at my shoes ( LOL I do this sometimes because they are my babies )
well.. take a look at the pics what happened :D


I found my ID card after such a long time XDDD
Why the fuck did I hide this in one of my shoes ?? hahaha
Fortunately I didnt pay 30 euros for a new one TAHAHAHA bitch.


  1. OMG lol, wie geil ist das denn!? :D jaja, so ist das beim party machen XD

    btw: hammergeile schuhe!!! *___*

  2. I want a shoe cabinet like that too ; w ;
    Nice shoes! And nice ID pic haha.

  3. ich versteck geld und personalausweis auch IMMER in schuhen xDDDD

  4. was du fürn glück hast!!! XD ich hab grade so gelacht!ww

    und zum neuen perso, ich find den an sich ganz gut! :D das passt überall rein!



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