Sunday, November 27, 2011

Airport FeiAIRtag

Yesterday was feiAIRtag in a local disco Airport.

My sister ( 16 ) wanted to go there too so we had to go very early and I stood in line at 9.30pm.
in front of the Airport. I STOOD IN LINE TO GET INSIDE THE AIRPORT AT 9.30PM !!!

Well, nevertheless it was quite funny even if we left the disco at 1am to eat something at McDo :D
Chris' comment described the situation best :
 " I feel like David Hasselhoff" 
hahahaha ( I think everybody knows the drunken burger video^^ )

Partycrew nya nya nyaaa

Of course we danced a lot again this night but I dont think I will ever go that early partying again^^. I told my sister next time we go to Capitol and Ill be a supervisior for her so she can stay longer than midnight.


  1. Auf dem ersten Bild seht ihr alle so mega hübsch aus!!! :)

  2. wohouu ich will sofort feiern gehen ;D deine haare sehen megagut aus! achja ich bin die Keki aus dem GL forum :D hab mir auch einen blog gemacht & wollt bei euch allen vorbeischauen =) ich denk, ich follow dir <3



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