Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival And Random Pictures

On Last weeks sunday I went to the cherrry blossom festival in Fürth with a classmate to meet Yaya.
It was warm but windy and eventually it also rained ,_,

We tried to take pictures but they were all kinda...bleeh since the bad weather and I also forgot my last good lashes at Lindas place...NOOO

this one was taken with Yayas phone ;3

It felt so good to see Yaya again after such a long time. I think we last met in June last year?? When Himeberry still existed lol omg.. we just live about an hour away. Such a shame !!

Surprisingly I also had the chance to meet Zaku again !! I was so happy to see him again and we talked a lot  and I also met him in August last year for the last time... damn why cant I just keep in touch with friends??

I hope I can organize a little meet up this summer but it seems like I wont have any money. Since Green Day announced their Tour and their upcoming 3 new albums... and then theres my summer vacation in Rimini, Italy.. ohh I can just see my money running through my hands D:
Well, lets hope for the best !!

Ill just quit it here and start the random part of this post.

Before I went to shuttleparty ( remember, last post! ) I took some pics of myself I want to show you ;3

 LOL I feel like Im in Team Meatball /D
Its just that Im a very pale meatball!

blurry one !! But Im smiling in this pic so I wanted to upload it, too :3

I also tried some heavier make up with the geo nudy violet lenses which I actually recommended to you for a natural look but I think you can use them with heavier make up, too!

Now for the upcoming posts...
 In Würzburg we now have 6 Bubble Tea stores and since I checked my stats there are A LOT of people checking my blog because of typing "Bubble Tea in Würzburg" in google... sooo Linda and me thought about testing every Bubble Tea store in Würzburg and then we'll write a review down my blog !!! What do you think guys ?? Im so looking forward it lol
But we need a 3rd person because we dont want to spend a huge amout of money on Bubble Tea xD
Anyone interessted? :D

A user of our German Gyaru Lover Forum asked me if I could do a review about my Make up in my "Minimeet in Würzburg" entry. But since some of you thought my nose stripe would be too harsh Im asking myself if I should do the review with this type of nose stripe or if I should do it with a different type ??
Any suggestions? If not Ill just do it spontaneous lol


My new lenses arrived. Want to see more ??

So many questions in this entry.. Im sorry for that xD


  1. I think you two look wonderful!!

    Love your outfit and lens :D

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!

  3. Amazing makeup, as always *__*
    Love your outfit!



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