Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Geo nudy violet lenses REVIEW

Hello my lovely readers,

today I want to show you my new lenses I ordered with MapleLens
The lenses I ordered are called geo nudy violet.

Colour: Violet
Dia: 14mm
Disposal: 1 year

My lenses came in a supercute violet box and my lenscase is also violet haha
Pretty cute isnt it?

one lens in one lens out

both lenses in

On the following picture you can see the difference to my other violet lenses.
EOS 3D lenses are more popping out and for a heavier look.
If you want to put on a more natural make up or you already have a natural look I totally recommend the geo nudy series to you

Here you can see them with make up on!

They enlarge your eyes and even if they are violet they look pretty natural!

So what ?? You want to order lenses now,too ??
No problem!!
Go to Maplelens.com and order your favourite pair of lenses.

You never heard of them before?
So, well let me tell you something about them !!
MapleLens.com is a new onlineshop for circle lenses based in Malaysia. 
They shipped my lenses with FedEx so they arrived after a few days at my house.
Their service is great and since they have a Like Page on FB and an account there, too you can easily ask them any questions you have! They will repeat immediately :3
With every pair of lenses you order, you will get a free cute animal lens case.

And this is not enough... since you are my beloved readers I give you a discount code which will NEVER disappear !!
You heard right. Just put in my code when you decided for your dream lenses and you will get a 15% disount and a mystery gift (:
(yes it is kitafi!! without an >>i<<)

Here is a last pic of me with my geo nudy violet lenses in!!

I hope you enjoyed this little review and feel free to use the discount code!!
I cant wait to hear from the great experiences which are YOU going to make with Maplelens.com


  1. I love the way purple circle lenses look on light eyes :___;!!!
    wahh wish my eyes were light XD! oh well good review :D! and I love your eye makeup o__o!!

    1. Yaaay I wish there were more light eyed reviews on the internet!
      Thank you for your compliment ^-^
      Im not sure but I dont think you will even see the nudy series on brown eyes o;


  2. Schöne review! Die linsen seht schön aus und ich mag dein augen makeup :3

    1. Danke :3 Für close ups muss man sich immer so Mühe geben haha

  3. die farbe hat was , sieht echt schön aus an dir :)
    würde mich freuen wenn du mal bei mir vorbei schauen würdest :)
    vllt hättest du dann auch lust auf gegenseitiges verfolgen?



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