Sunday, April 1, 2012

Minimeet in Würzburg

Today two girls I know from the German Gyaru Lovers Forum came to visit me (:
I was happy to see them in real life :3
Unfortunately Lisa couldnt come but I will see her next week so its okay ;D

I was so proud of my make up today.Since I woke up at 7am and we wanted to meet at 11:20 I had ALL THE TIME to put some effort in my make up. And now I have all the time to spam my blog with 
my face.

Here comes my fav pic of the day <3
(My extens dont match with my real hair anymore. I died my hair a bit darker again. dark is my fucking colour XD)

Dont ask me what I was thinking when I clipped in these blonde extens o_o
I thought it looked good in real o:


Milkydrops was so nice to pick me up from my house since Im living in a small village with the worst bus connection in the whole world.
At the train station we meet Viki and a friend of her called Simon.
We walked through the city and decided to go to Nushu since Simon wanted to eat noodles, I wanted to eat sushi and Viki wanted to have a Bubble tea.
Unfortunately there was something like a rush hour lol and weird guys talked weird stuff and wore way too childish stuff for somebody who looked like she was in her 30s...

Bubble Tea and noodles wohooo!

We went a bit shopping in an Asia shop. I came to the conclusion Viki and Simon love noodles XDD They bought shitloads of it.

Wild pic of me appeared.

Our or feet hurt from all the walking through the city so we decided to heat to Habaneros. Its a mexican restaurant. René and his friends joined us for a while and he bought me Chilli Cheese Nachos I wanted to try for so long!!!
I love Jalapenos, Cheese and I thought this is the best combo everrrrr.
But I got disappointed ):
As it was served it was cold and the jalapenos didnt look fresh.
Furthermore there were some beans in it like.. wtf I hate beans. I didnt expect beans in a chilli cheese nacho box... Also I didnt expect meat in it food will be always a mystery for me.

We sat there and talked for about 2 hours. This was really my favourite part of the day. I love chatting with gals ^-^ Somebody who knows what g_s is and reads it. Somebody whos in the same forum and somebody who really shares the same interests. awww. Gal friends I love you <3
We also made some crappy pics with Milkys Iphone but they didnt turn out too well..XDD
Wind and rain/drizzle ruled the day. I was so disappointed because the weather was always sunny and warm this week and only today was crap ):

 Milky <3

Oh gaaaaaad XD 

I had a lot of fun today and I cant wait to see you again (: Milky gave me some lenses as a present!!
She won them but since they are without power (I dont even know the word in english. I dont know shit about reading problems and seeing problems and stuff. My eyes are the fucking best lol) and she need some she has no use in them. So sad!! But good for me haha :D

Take a look !!! They are violet omg i wanted violet lenses so bad!! I ordered another pair of violet lenses from but without a black circle. I loved the blue ones without the circle too so Im sure Ill also love the violet ones :3

These lenses are called EOS 3D lenses. I will write a review about the nudy violet lenses very soon! Furthermore Ill use my 3D lenses in the upcoming weeks and show you some make up pics with them (:

Ill end this post with a pictur of me.


  1. Welchen Lippenstift trägst du denn da auf dem zweiten Bild ?? Das sieht so toll aus <3 und dein Outfit ist ja wohl der Oberhammer ^^

  2. Das ist weiße Faschingsfarbe, also diese Stifte die man da kaufen kann und nude Lipgloss drüber haha
    Is für normal gyaru aba bisschen zu krass. Würds eher für Manba benutzen.

  3. Das letzte Bild ist soooooooooo schön *0*
    Diese blonden Strähnen sind cool.
    Nur auf einigen Bildern ist mir das Nosecontouring zu .. zu .. harsh? xD

    1. Jaaa danke. Ich bin da noch am üben aba fands geil :D Ich check jetzt wenigstens wies geht jetzt muss nur noch die Ausführung klappen :D

  4. heiß :D besonders das 2.
    und sind deine sponsorlinsen schon da? :o

    ehh das mit dem contouring wollt ich auch grad schreiben... nix dagegen dass es son starker kontrast is aber man sieht die braunen striche an der seite zu sehr .-. einfach bisschen mehr ... verblenden(? sagt man das im deutschen so?? XDDDD') und das weiße vlt miiinimal schmaler

    1. Dankeee <3
      Nee sindse leider noch ned O: Hoffe die kommen heute an. I WANT TO TEST THEM!!
      Deine? Die haben mir aba meinen Code für euch geschickt und eiskalt meinen Namen falsch geschrieben... Ich weine xD

      Ich weiss aufjedenfall was du meinst haha und muss dir Recht geben. Es sieht in echt auch leicht "verschmiert" aus oda so. Ich glaub ich brauch eweng helleres braun oder eben besser verblenden wie du sagtest. Ich teste mal alles aus :3

    2. hab grad vor 2 sekunden meine tracking mail bekommen xD mit fedex ah ich freu mich so xD am 4. sollen se ankommen * v *
      XDDDDD ahh was steht denn da? lol

      dann is gut XD als ich das geschrieben hab hatt ich plötzlich son black-out ey XDDD

  5. die fotos sind ja so derb liebe.
    kann es sein das du auf den bildern mehr deine nase betonnst? fällt mir auf den fotos zumindest auf :) finds echt gut

    1. Jaa das nennt man Nose conturing ;D Hab mich mal daran versucht mehr Gyaru face auszusehen..meine Augen lieb ich mittlerweile also das Make up aba die Nase eben noch...

      Freut mich dass es dir gefällt ^-^ <3

  6. Your makeup looks so good! I lol'd when I read the part about your extensions. I know how things look different in real life than in photos.

    1. yaaa thats so shit haha I wish everything would look as good as it looks in my mirror XD

      Thank you <3

  7. das letzte bild ist sooo cool :D
    sieht echt supi aus :3 & die blonden strähnen sehen gut aus!

  8. We tagged you, please check it out when you have time^^



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