Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gyaru Make Up Video Tutorial by me

As I already told you Riina from our forum asked me for a make up tutorial. Since I was bored as fuck and I always wanted to do one and now have the excuse that somebody was interested in how Im applying my make up... I agreed ;D

This was the make up style

 Im wearing princess mimi sesame grey lenses if you wonder

 omg sorry I cant help but I love them so much these days XD

Okay now for the tutorial !
I recorded it with my webcam so the quality might be a bit bad but Im convinced everyone will see where I put on what...
I used diamond lash glamorous eye as upper lashes and jewerich no 3 and diamond lash model eye as lower lashes. I just glued them together.

Oh and... I look fucking ugly without ANY make up on because I have the worst dark circles ever and I shave my eyebrows so.. no comments on that I know that already lol
If you ever think " ugly I should stop and retry" DONT RETRY
just keep on putting on that make up. It will look scary, dumb, ugly, weird... DURING the process beause everything needs to work together. The lenses, the lashes, the eybrows etc so dont give up o:
You can just see it in my video XD

I would be very happy about comments or feedback! 

A bit off topic...
when I was searching for good music I just fell in love with dj caffeine. Any one knows some songs??
I only knew about two songs but then..omg please listen to this.
I love it but I thought I just cant use something like this as my tutorial music XD
Same goes for this. by dj valentino.


  1. ich liebeliebeliebeliebe dein makeup. es sieht einfach soooo toll aus! *_* ♥

  2. Das tutorial gefällt mir sehr gut aber ich hätte einpaar verbesserungs vorschläge :3
    benutz doch evtl mehr gold/braun töne die auch schimmern und probier doch mal den highlighter von alverde (diese natur kosmetik dingsi bei DM) der ist eigentlich sehr gut ^^
    ansonsten sieht alles gut aus :D

    1. Jaa von dem highlighter hab ich auch schon gehört !! Den muss ich mir wohl echt mal zulegen :3
      Danke für die Tips ^-^

    2. der von alverde is assiiii. der glitzert und glänzt dääää.

  3. I love (!!) the last picture. It's such a nice angle.
    Also shut up, you are not ugly without make-up, it's just unusual to see you like that. And also when people have a natural bright eye colour, it seems like the dark circles around their eyes are more noticable then on people with a dark natural eye colour, so that creates the 'strange-ness' of no make up faces I guess...

    You have so much patience with that though. How long does it take you? 30 minutes? 40 minutes? I probably use only half as much make up items as you haha. I definitely need to take you clubbing in Tokyo now (TT)

    1. Thank you !!!
      It tooks me about 40 minutes but usually I need about an hour since Im not always satisfied with some glue or eyeliner stuff.. so Im looking for every detail but for the tutorial I didnt have to be that carefull since the quality isnt that good anyways ;D

      Please take me with you ,__, <3

  4. So beautiful!!
    Wish I could have your eyemake skill >_<

    1. Thank you! Everyone can learn !! Just look at my old pics.. :D

  5. It looks amazing! I've always loved your make-up. You're so skilled. <3!

  6. Great Make up ! Loving it !

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  8. Those lenses looks awesome in you!!! Thanks for sharing ur make up!
    This is my first time leaving a comment btw xD
    Kisses! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

    1. thank you !!
      you can leave more comments in the future if you want to XD I dont mind <3 Im happy about them :3



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