Saturday, April 21, 2012


The day before yesterday we went to the Shuttleparty in Würzburg!

Shuttleparty means you buy a shuttlebracelet for 6 euro and with this bracelet you can enter every club at this evening for free and use the shuttlebus to get to the clubs.

Im sure you all know the Facebook giveaway thingies where you have to like and share a pic or entry then youll have the chance to win something...I did that for the Shuttlebracelet and won !!! YAAAY Saved 6 Euros :D 

Since I won my bracelet at the club Kamikatze we first went there. We took a lot of pics but I dont like all of them /D

I like this picture a lot ! As you can see I didnt clip in my hair. My extens are so frizzy and dont look good anymore... also they dont feel that good :s so I havent worn them for WEEKS.

Oh and here you can see my d.i.a belt I bought from Lisa :3 I love this belt so much !!
I should have worn a different bra .__.

After Kamikatze we went into a bar called Uschi (??) and had Ficken ( you know that drink? Its a booze called "Fucking" ) then we went to Mekong to have another shot because they only cost 1 Euro :3

The next club was Brauhaus ( brewhouse ) where we had to wait quite long for ours drinks... later we went to the airport ( airport is still a club okay? nobody wants to fly anywhere xD ) with a shuttlebus.
There I met some other friends. Flo and his friends if you still know them from my other entries ;3
At 3:30 am we got hungry and went to the Burger King. I ordered so freaking much lol
The next day in school ( we went to bed like 4:30 am and stood up at 7:30 am !!! Just want to say I was in school the next day. ) I ate one of my cold burgers.
Yummy breakfast :D

Thats it for today !!
I have to go to work in a few hours and tomorrow Im going to Fürth because of the Kirschblütenfest (:
I hope some other gals show up ??


  1. achhh ich liebe dein make up <3
    vorallem mit den cirle lenses :)
    ich will mir auch welche kaufen aber ich hab sooo angst ><
    ich hab ja gelesen, dass du damit auch erst eig. probleme hattest aber jetzt funktionierts ja bei dir^^
    darf ich fragen ob du vorher beim optiker oder augenarzt warst :o?

    liebe grüße!

  2. Ja aba ich glaub das lag an den Barbie King Size. Mit denen hatte ich auch nachdem ich schon 4 paar andere reibungslos immer drinnen und draussen hatte noch Probleme und hab gelesen, dass das viele hatten. Also hab ich sie weggeworfen weil des wohl am Model lag.
    Ich war aba vorher nirgends xD Einfach bestellen, üben, reinknallen, rausholen fertig xD

  3. You girls look pretty and the party looks so fun! ^^ <3

  4. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?



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