Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Lashes And Preview Of A Blondie


Yeah buddy! I ordered new bottom and upper lashes. The first ones since december!!! They lasted so long but unfortunately I slept on my last pair of lashes... how is this even possible??? I dunno....I think I was a bit drunk and just threw the lashes on my bed and then fell XD
The result was this ball of lashes. impossibbruuu to unknot


So I decided for angel eye as upper lashes and I LOVE THEM !!!!!
and for princess eye as bottom lashes.

 I dont first I wanted to order Jewerich bottom lashes and the beauty eye diamond lashes since they work so awesome together! But imo its too expensiv and Jewerich even has only 2 pair of lashes anyway so...I searched for an alternative and wild princess eye appeared. In the beginning I didnt like them that much because a lot of lolitas and random people wear these lashes and it looks so fucking ugly on them. Like just a line with some spikes. Like srsly wtf can you please glue them on right??? But when I got them I figured out DAMMMNN they are so hard to glue on !!! All these pictures in this post are my first try with them and I had to glue them on like 4 times until they finally looked at least a bit gyaru. I dont know whats wrong with these. I kinda like them but on the other hand they are not good for gyaru because they are kinda hard so you cant glue them on like a "wave". But I dont know any affordable alternative !!! I think Ill just go back to sweet eye even if they are a bit extrem. Im curious how theyll look on me with lenses. 

and whoop whoop what is this?? Kitai turned blonde (:
Im waiting for my extens and they have to arrive friday at the latest sooo... be prepared for some more shots with long galicious hair ;D

It was so hard to find a pencil or powder for my eyebrows. Everything was too dark and I hate dark eyebrows and light hair -.-  So I was very happy when I found a greenish golden pencil from max factor! This one really saved my life. And awww omg pink slutty lipgloss and lipstick looks even better on blondes !!!! I love my slutty pink look at it !!!

Oh yeaaahh ans small video apperas. WHOOM

Comments on my blonde????

AH YEAH and not to forget...I made a LIKE PAGE ON FACEBOOK
Everybody feels free to LIKE me ^0^
If not its okay XD Ima just use this as an excuse to not accept everyone as a friend because Im so lazy to check every damn profile. So ya feel free to LIKE me there. I also want to post more snapshots on my LIKE page because I dont want to spam your dashboards if your just friends with me because you like talking to me or some shit.  So okay here you goeeee...


  1. wow the blonde hair suits you very much :) I think you look maximum Gyaru now :D I really like the first picture ^.^

    1. thank you ^0^ and thanks for following me now ;D

  2. ah and I forgot :) I´m following you now :D

  3. love your glam and sexy!!

  4. Blonde really suits you! I love it <3
    Also your makeup is super cute :D

    1. Thank you !! Im happy to hear this (: <3

  5. awww i LOVE it, blonde hair suits u *^*

  6. die lashes stehen dir super!
    ich hatte die unteren wimpern auch schon. die lassen sich echt schlecht hinkleben. zerschneide sie einfach in 3 teile dann kannst du sie besser anbringen! :)

    1. uaahh danke für den Tipp!! Muss ich ma ausprobieren die sind echt biestig! Freu mich auf morgen ;3

  7. blond ist echt der hammer an dir *o* und deine braune haut passt so mega gut dazu!

  8. The blonde suits you! You look like your were born blonde!

    Your eye makeup is impressive as well.



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