Sunday, July 29, 2012

Off to Switzerland

Omg I am so sorry I didnt update my blog as I promised.
I had to pack my stuff yesterday but instead of it I played monopoly with my sister, Linda and Fabi my sisters BF. 
Now we are leaving in a few minutes and Im finally done packing XDD

Soo I will update my blog EVERY DAY when we are in Switzerland. Im sooo looking forward to it we have many plans and I will also meet some swiss gals!!

Im going to show you some pics from last week when RenĂ© and I met for going to the local funfair. 

we ate chocolate bananas and met some friends of him. We battled us in some games and had a lot of fun (:
we even won plushiiiees!! SO MUCH omg I never won anything at a funfair so I was pretty happy about it. We won about 8 plushies XDD
I can upload a pic of it later. Im a bit in a hurry and the pics are on my cellphone o;

Some random pics of us sitting in a fast food restaurant ^0^

granny alert!! XD

Okay thats it for now!! So make sure you check my blog every day to follow my journey in Switzerland (:

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