Monday, July 30, 2012

1st day arriving in Switzerland

Hey there!!
So yesterday we arrived in Switzerland. As you you we are not allone this time. My sister took her boyfriend with and I my bestie <3
derping on our way in the car ^0^

We arrived in the middle of the day and in the evening we decided to head over to the Gecko Bar. Its one of  the bars here in our village ;D

Group shot whoo XD

We got a bit shocked as weve seen the prices... 
about 4 euro for one desperados... but my daddy says its normal here o;
Nevertheless we had fun (: 

After this we took a walk around the village. Weve seen a lot of sheeps and some baby sheep ^0^ 
On our way back we went like a bit hiking. It was so  much fun :3
iphone quality sorry ,_,

and here is a snapshot of our village taken by Linda

Today we are going to St.Gallen and the Shopping Arena for, of course, a bit shopping ;D
I hope I find some stuff I need for example black chucks or something like that!!!

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  1. naja schweiz is sau teuer.... ein mc menĂ¼ kostet da umdie 15 euro



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