Friday, July 6, 2012


whoop whoop 
this might be nothing new to some of you but I havent blogged about this before so yayay heres the post about my teeth ^-^

first of all...OMG I AM STILL ALIVE. Due to my rebellious stomache I found some time for blogging after aaaaages. I have so many topics to blog about and shitloads of pics but NO FUCKING TIME
should I create my own like page on Facebook like every other breathing creature on earth? Im too lazy to look through all of my friend requests but on the same time I dont want to accept every shit persons adding me. But Im afraid Ill only get 2 likes lol


In 2009 I went to the orthodontist for the first time. I had some wire in my mouth which was kinda invisible. It should stay there for 6 months but since I didnt want to get my wisdom teeth out and had some problem with other dentists because of that it became 12 months /D 

This is how my teeth looked before my actual brace
this is not even the ugliest pic of me LOL

can you see how my upper teeth just grow in each and every direction they can???
same on the pic underneath lol

Then I had braces for like 18 months. I thought it was horrible to wear braces when youre 18/19 ,____, such a fucking turn on lol NOT

So last wednesday I got rid of them and I was so so so so so so so so unbelieveable happy!!! I already ate a corncob and at subways :D that was impossibrrruuu before.

I tried to take a good pic of them but it ended up looking nasty as shit. 
so here is one photo for you!

way better than before hu???
I think youll see it anyways in my upcoming posts (:

Have you also had braces ?? I guess only when you were a little child hu? :D 

End this post with the last BROWN HAIRED PIC OF ME OMIGUUUSSSH...

(still got braces there lol^^)


  1. Woohoo! Hgw nochmal & ja ich hatte auch ne feste Zahnspange.. Ekliges Zeugs x.x das letzte Bild ist übrigens hammer hübsch! <3 aber finds gut das du wieder blond bist xD

    1. dankeee ^0^ ja es kommt bald ein blonde post ;D

  2. ahaha, ich liebe die art, wie du schreibst, das is so unterhaltsam! xD
    freut mich, dass du endlich deine zahnspange los bist! ^^ ich hatte zum glück keine >.<
    ich liebe das letzte bild, könnt doch glatt aus der EGG sein! ^^

    1. freut mich zu hören ^-^

      du GLÜCKLICHE!!! naja jetz hab ich wenigstens schöne Zähne :D

  3. endlich!! freut mich für dich ^_^

  4. Ich hatte ne Zahnspange als ich 12-15 war und Dan Ärztepfusch nochmal mit 20-23 - DAS ist scheiße! Wie man plötzlich von ein auf den anderen Tag im Job nicht mehr ernst genommen wurde... nur weil man aussah wie 15 O_O

    Du hast das aber bisher echt gut verborgen, ist mir nie aufgefallen... ^^

    1. oh nein ): jaa ich wurde auch immer voll jung geschätzt xD und richtig selbstvertrauen hat man dann eh ned mehr wenn man sich wie Lisa Plenske vorkommt XD

      Aber hast es ja auch überstanden ne? ;D

      FINDEST DU??? XD

  5. Oh mi gosh that last picture of you is gorgeous! <3 Loving the dark hair.

    Your teeth look much better. I bet you must be glad to have them off though! ^_^

  6. You look totally awesome ^^
    I would like to know what lashes did you use on the last picture ^^

    1. upper lashes diamond lash glamouros eye and as bottom lashes I used upper lashes from eyemazing 301 cut at the ends a bit ;3

    2. Thank you so much ^^



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