Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gyaru Sleeopver @Milkys PART 2 // MANBA DAY

Awww yeeee!!

Saturday was the international Manba Day.. what a coincidence our sleepover was held on that day ;D
Ramona, Barbara, Riina, Yaya and me dressed up as Manbas. The others didnt want to I dont know why ,_, 
It was really fun and I felt like 12 sitting there with my pink hello kitty kigu lol
I think its good to have one day in the year to celebrate the old styles to not forget them and it really is so much fun!! To be honest I wouldnt wear Manba regularly. For that its just too much. Jap I think too much is the right word for Manba :D

But here we gooo!!!


This has been my Make up for that day.
Im going to spam a bit now ;3

Riina and Yaya brought some glittery with them !! So we glued some on. My make up looked like this afterwards:

Oh I always forget that there are some people who dont know that much about gyaru fashion but also read my blog... Well, this style is called Manba. It was big in Japan yeeeears ago. The western gal community celebrates this old fashion once a year. Just to keep it in mind <3
Gyaru is like the same make up just toned down. You know the nose stripe isnt that white. Your nose is just contured and your eyes arent that big. You glue your lashes closer to the eye. etc etc.

So we were kinda like in disguise ;D 

Pics of the group!!

Ramona and I getting readaaay.

 Later we took pics in front of the webcam.. it was so much fuuun. And look Milky even printed out some cute hearts etc :3

And this super cool arrow XDD

You may noticed that I have long hair in these pics even when I said I forgot my extens at home. Yaya was so nice to lend me some of her hair ♥ Aww Im so thannkfull!! Manba with short hair isnt that cool ):

aaand even more pics of the group. You can see we had fun lol

oh yeah we failed at that!
Riina looks like she wants to clean something lol

And Ive decorated some pics of us as Puriiis. Ok really bad but it was my first try soo.. Ima show you some ^-^

Ok Im going to end this post here. It was really cool that Milky organizied this whole thing. I really enjoyed the weekend and I want to do this like every second weekend XD I love my gals and I love to improve with them I think the pics discribe the best how much fun I had with you. I want to thank everybody for the great time and I hope we can have more sleepovers in the future! 


  1. Cute!
    You all look amazing!
    I love it <3

  2. You look so good as manba, love your make-up *-*

  3. you and your girls are just amazing, i wish i had those girls too :)
    blogwalking here and found your beautiful blog :)
    lets follow each others :D


  4. Haha, it looks like you had a great time! :D
    You'r blog is really nice *followed*
    If you'd like you can follow me back ^^

    Frillycakes ♥



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